Energy Conservation

Jeane: This dream had three parts and at the very end I’m told that something that is repeating is probably going to have to repeat about 30 times more to really learn it. Maybe that’s just how it is.

In the first part of the dream – it feels as though there are always three parts going on, whether they are just represented by different people, or by something else. In the first part, there is a group of people who appear to be in a brighter outer reality. The main theme seems to be a dynamic where you are there trying to identify which men in the group are hurting people; children or women are being hurt.

You have to identify who it is so that he can’t continue that pattern. Sometimes, as you are looking at people and you’re not sure if they are the ones who are hurting the others or not.

John: What you just described is subtle, because there is a hint of a shift in it. There’s a hint that you are shifting from something that doesn’t have a lot of energy, back into something that does have energy.

That is strange in terms of directionality. Usually a person goes from a state of something opening up, toward a state of closing down. The sensation you describe seems quite dry and empty.

It’s interesting because what is really going on is that something is trying to get you to relate, or identify, with the act of not making choices. The energetic that you see as me in the dream isn’t sure who’s doing what.

So there comes a point in time in this development journey when you make a shift inside. You begin to see that your light is brightening and that you are getting new information. This is very exciting in terms of what is unfolding in your life; you are starting to embrace a greater wholeness.

Yet even as that is going on, there is another part of you that is still clamoring for recognition or attention – still pulled by the outer life. So this other part is loud and it is still reaching out, still expecting to touch something in life in a way that cause something to happen, for you and to you.

Eventually the day arrives when the part of you that is getting information and feeling this inner light is more interesting than those outer distractions, and you are waking up to this greater awareness, and you have an epiphany. It’s as if you’re moving out from your denseness and suddenly have a tremendous experience of light and energy inside.

The next phase arrives, and you find this access and inner light is no longer there. You feel emptied, and find that you need to lift yourself up. It’s a very strange sensation. But what is happening is that all this other stuff inside, the part that is clamoring for recognition, thinking it needs to make certain linkages, is really exposing a compartmentalized aspect to your being.

In this scenario, you can have a particular focus on something, tune in one channel and tune out another channel. You are maintaining a separation between different aspects of your life.

The shift you are describing is one where you now have to pay attention to what you are projecting from yourself, in relationship to everything else in life. You may have many things to do tomorrow, or right now, but you can’t compartmentalize it like that any more. Now you are coming from a point where you need to try to sustain the light awakening inside you, so you don’t just project into those outer events (by personal involvement), because you have been shifted into a level at which, if you do that, you empty yourself out. You empty yourself out of that light, and that energetic, by it being drained from you as if into a dark hole.

So the dream shows that you are attempting to throw off this darkness – to stop what is hurting other things – and you are attempting again to look at what feeds you. What doesn’t feed you, you repudiate. This action then feeds you again, but you must be careful that you do not go backwards to try to find the light as if it is some specific part of you – instead you must recognize that it lives around you and in you and there is no difference between you and it. As long as there is a difference, this sense of separation, it can be drained from you.

Hiddenness and Visibility

John: To continue, we have been exploring this idea of a hiddenness being made visible. In making a hiddenness visible, it is a very tricky thing. Conditions have to be just right for it not to be seen as scary, and therefore be obliterated back into hiddenness.

So the dreams take us beyond the images we see to the invisible – to the energetic itself. Out from this connection to the energetic quality, a heartfulness arises. The images from Creation are at the core of all of the swirls of energetic.

In your dream, you were in the swirl of the energetic, but you experienced it as an expanse (a feminine view). The experience shows that you cannot accept any of the riches of the world because connection to the energetic requires that you leave no trace of yourself, no ego whatsoever.

In my dream, I was evaluating the riches of the world in terms of bottom-line cash value, so I was shedding the complexity, but not close enough. Then I glimpse the four Greek pillars that takes me back to a purer state, to the inception of western civilization, so I have let go of even more of the illusions that have ensued in the last 3,000 years. Then that image disappears and I am left only with the invisibility, the energetic.

So I’ve gone beyond the image to something that is everything. To maintain that, I cannot have any semblance of something that creates a visibility of this in the outer world, because the visibility in the outer causes a recognition, and recognition ends in obliteration.

I think it is important, though, for the outer to get it. Yet at the same time that it gets it, is the moment that it begins to cloud it over, to apply veils to it. If one were to put it out in a way that could not be clouded over, it would rock our reality.

It’s similar in a way to the Catholic Church eliminating the feminine mysteries, or selecting only certain books to be part of the canon. Otherwise the visibility of those ideas jeopardize its power and control.

And it’s just like a true teacher cannot tell you everything – you wouldn’t be able to handle it. So a teacher has to provide hints about where the truth lies so you can discover it yourself when you are ready.

What we are describing is the fifth level of the heart, in a nutshell, and at its core. That is the level that shapes the energies of the world.

When something in life recognizes that that level exists, it cannot be allowed to exist. It’s like the story of one of the last Khans, where the merchants and shopkeepers had to rise up and overthrow the Khan because he was a figure held in reverence, like a god, and they were caught up in their personal interests. It was too great a contradiction, so they had to obliterate the “visibility” of the Khan.

That is the idea of the invisible becoming visible (the Khan a god-like incarnation) and being too scary for the place or the time – so it is obliterated back into hiddenness.

But I think that the hiddenness can come out now. As that hiddeness comes out, it is still largely hidden, yet it comes a bit closer. Now for this hiddeness to create a great change in the world, it has to be a hiddeness that stays a hiddeness and yet at the same time creates a visibility. That’s a very tricky thing. It has got to be hidden, under the pillow, so to speak. Under one’s own pillow.

The Ego Behind the Ego

John: Now I want to define a little more the recent series of dreams (starting here, here, and here). But the question is, how do you further define something that you have just identified as an energetic, something that is beyond the beyond?  You have to keep the motif of the energetic up, otherwise you are departing from it. But before we do that, I want to add two more images to the mix from dreams that I had.

The first image is of sitting down at a table with others to have a meal. A meal is placed before us at the end of a table. Then it all disappears: the table, the food, even the image itself, to the point where the partaking of the food with the others is happening as an energetic only. You can’t even call it partaking anymore, it’s just an energetic in motion.

In other words, there is nothing being done; there is just an energetic presence, an inner realm without appearances. There is no way to know it other than by sensation. Even the sensation has to be imagined.

Next I have an image that is almost humorous or amusing to see; it is almost like seeing an ego behind the ego.

I see myself having to leave a place in which something has ended. You and I must stop everything and go outside. It is as though you are in a hurry or anxious to grab what is to be grabbed – to do what needs to be done, because you sense that we have to be in motion.

The dilemma of this urge to hurry has to do with everything that one knows being swept away. You make the suggestion that we use a particular kind of transportation service that is one of the last things that hasn’t yet been swept away. It’s very basic. Most things can’t be counted on anymore, but this service is one of the last things that we can count on to get us somewhere.

You make that suggestion, as a last-ditch option. Of course, if we hurry, that is. Because for you to suggest it involves a slowing down to consider this as something that could be done.

I automatically know that it’s already too late and that plan has to be dropped. So I say to you, “That was true a moment ago; let go of it, we cannot go if you don’t.” I do not know how it is that we are going. All I know is that there is an energetic pace that one must hold onto and this energetic cannot be explained and cannot be defined – you are just in the motion of it and this is how we are going to go.

So these two quick images can be related to my dream yesterday as well as the dreams you had earlier. What is common between them is an energetic taking on a kind of visibility. It is not a literal visibility, it is a visibility from the overallness that you have, and it’s able to reach out over the world and glance at something in existence. What you glance at in existence also sees you, and it is scared to death.

What you are able to glance at in existence is something that, if it sees you, then it realizes that there is something about the nature and mannerisms of you that causes a terror to Creation – to that which is in existence. So you cannot be visible.

So the overallness has allowed you a glimpse at an image-creating mechanism of life, seen in your dream as being put into the book of life, and the fact that something like this is recognized or seen in the outer, terrorizes what is known as Creation. From the perspective of the outer, it has to be obliterated. And it’s not because the outer sees that you are wrong or bad or anything, but just that the outer cannot let go into it.

The degree to which it cannot let go imposes something as a reaction, causing something like a rear-guard action to arise that is the outer fighting its own density. That’s why, in an overall sense of things, there has to be the strictest of confinements to keep all of this under wraps and hidden.

Because in the end, how close can you come to making something like this communicable into life, to the point where life actually gets it? If it truly gets it, it no longer sees that action as a horror movie, where you go just to be scared.

This is also reminiscent of the werewolf in your dream, because for you to take and portray something like this and set it out there into life, you cannot leave any trace of yourself. You can’t be part of it and part of physical existence at the same time; you cannot be in ego and still be part of Creation.

Creation cannot handle that. The rules of this strict confinement say that if you are going to communicate something by bringing it all the way through from the inner into the outer, there cannot be anything left for it to reach around and find in terms of where it’s coming from. Because if it can, that would be a huge problem.