Get Smart

Jeane: In this dream, I had my Smart Phone in my pocket as I was running around. Because it was in my jacket pocket, or my hip pocket, keys kept getting pressed and things were getting erased. I was trying to get it to stop doing that. I took it out from my pocket and I was trying to be really careful because I thought it was erasing addresses from the address book. I didn’t mind if it erased some addresses, but I was afraid it would erase the address of the retreat center, and I couldn’t let it do that. That was the first dream.

John: It sounds like you’re dwelling upon an intention or attitude that is getting in the way – it’s like a type of dependency. You’re leaning on something inside of yourself (symbolized by the phone) and allowing it to direct you – you’ve become a slave to it, in a way.

If you depend upon something that you think makes your life easier, then you tend to lose your innate ability. Just like cell phones today – no one remembers anyone’s phone numbers. Fifteen years ago most people had dozens of phone numbers memorized.

The Smart Phone (as a symbol) causes you to let go of being able to rely upon something you naturally have inside. You’ve actually flipped the true nature of the situation, because you’re feeling that the Smart Phone is a facilitator of things, and the inner nature you really can rely on is seen as the distraction.

In other words, you’re relying on this “unnatural” device, and it has caused you to disconnect from a natural listening center inside you that can know the way (address book) without that dependency. You’ve added an “accessory” that ends up veiling you from natural insights.

So you’re not as surrendered to the inner connection as you could be, or would be, without the device. Any new device that provides a shortcut can seem exciting, but is this the right kind of excitement? If it comes at the cost of disconnecting from your inner devices, it’s not worth it in the long run.

The dream isn’t about cell phones or digital devices or whether they are good or bad. It’s shining a light on an aspect of you that you are leaning on – as an attitude or a mindset – that limits your ability to access your deeper knowing.

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