Jeane: In he next dream, a group of us has gone to the movies: you are there, and my sister, and someone else. You may be in a bit of a mood, so I’m trying to do something to make you feel better. I decide to go up to the counter and get you some popcorn and a Coke.

I’m at the front of the line at the counter, and then you show up at the side counter. I motion to you that I’ve “got this,” but then it seems that the girl behind the counter can’t take my order. I think she’s even trying to sing to me at some point.

None of this is really what I want. I can’t seem to get any popcorn, that’s for sure. I think I settle for some candy and maybe a Coke. I’m going to take it all back to you, but I just couldn’t quite get what I wanted.

John: So, the theme of this one, and the last one (see Get Smart), is the nature of indulgence. In the first dream the indulgence had to do with a device that you relied upon to make your life easier. The dream was saying that the way you’re relying on it is creating some inner confusion.

In this dream you’re indulging again, you’re trying to resolve some imbalance that you are feeling, but the way you attempt that actually knocks things further out of rhythm.

Your response is to the feeling that something is out of sorts (me, in the dream). And part of your nature is to be empathic to those kinds of imbalances. In other words, it’s true when you say that you see yourself as kind of ferocious, and what softens you is the empathic and mutable part that tries to accommodate things that open up in your life.

However, you haven’t quite figured out the cadences for that yet, the timings and speeds for it. So you tend to lean on, say a cell phone too much, and that causes you to lose inner focus of what is opening up.

Or you allow yourself to get too indulgent in trying to accommodate others when you don’t have all the information as to why something is the way that it is. You’re only taking your appraisal of it and trying to address it in that way. You haven’t fully taken in what there is to know about something.

In other words, you haven’t learned how to allow something to affect you, without it sending you off on a distorted tangent. So, that’s your path. That’s what your dreams are showing happening over and over again: things in life cause you to veer off in one direction or another, thinking that you’re rectifying or accommodating a situation. In actuality, you throw yourself off balance while you do that.

Rather than veering off, you should just let it go. There is a way of letting go of your attention towards something so that what ends up happening is that your natural beingness covers that.

It’s important to trust that, to know that it works in that way. The idea is that you don’t have to go out of your way to try to accommodate, because that kind of accommodation, by which I mean attempting to correct or to change or to make things work, shows a lack of trust. It lacks the surrender that would bring a natural unfolding to things. It’s kind of an indulgence to think you can fix everything; sometimes things have their own unfoldment.

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