Jeane: Next I had a dream where I’ve gone into the department store my folks had when I was young. It’s my day off. I think I’m with you or someone else. I’m wearing a sweatshirt with a hoodie that’s drawn up over my hair because I’m just there to check on the store.

I look around and I’m suddenly surprised to see that there are customers in the store, and that the store is open; I thought we were there after hours, but I see people over at the counter. I’m not sure who’s waiting on them. I notice some people in front of me with little kids asking some questions, so I think I should help out.

Then the woman recognizes me. It’s someone I went to high school with, and she has her kids there. She’s talking to me about how she has lost her house, with all of the things going on in the economy, and they’ve had to apply for some benefits. She didn’t realize it would take so long. She’s impatient with it.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken off my hoodie so my hair’s not covered. Then I notice that when the woman goes to the back counter to leave, the counter person there takes some scrambled eggs and what looks like some ham – she takes big scoops of them with her hands and gives it to this lady as she leaves.

Then I just get this quick image just by itself. It’s an image of this really young carrot. You know how young carrots look – a little bit shorter but they can really shine. Young carrots have a very attractive look to them. That’s all.

John: Well, the carrots are something that’s coming in to its own: young carrots are still growing up and it’s easy to pull a carrot too soon; one has to gauge, in terms of the tops, when to pull it out of the ground.

The dream has you trying to figure out how to leave something alone. You need to give things an allowance to be. The fact that you’re being slipped a meal is odd, but that idea isn’t fully brought out. Until that’s fully brought out, it shows you having a tendency to be distracted, or to accept something on the side. Taking the food is a type of stealing, only it’s not really stealing because it’s being given to an aspect of you. So you’re getting away with it, but that’s a distraction, too.

All of the dreams that you’re having are trying to get you to relax, to just let things be. They are trying to help you figure out how to just abide with what is taking place. They are trying to say that you have a greater overall quality about yourself that has everything covered, you just aren’t quite knowing that yet.

In each dream you’re doing something to impede a greater overallness that is natural to you. You’re being drawn in by things, distracted by them, and pulled from your center balance. So in the dreams we see you deleting important information from your phone, or struggling to get popcorn, or tangling with bees. These are all problems that you’re creating for yourself, that you don’t need to create.

It’s an issue with your listening center. It’s as though you’re not quite hearing it the way you could hear it. If you were, you wouldn’t be having these struggles. You’d be able to let things just be.

Part of you probably feels like you can’t just let things be, because your belief system thinks that means you are being irresponsible. So somehow or other you have to figure out how to be just as responsible and yet, at the same time, not interfere.

Perhaps a good example of this is when the teacher comes up to the student and wants the student to recognize and to realize something, yet at the same time the teacher has to let the student be. Something can only be revealed up to a particular point – the responsibility only extends so far and no more. What is revealed is in the context of a greater soul, a greater overall. Therefore, you have to learn to turn your attention very slightly to what is occurring, but still maintain the overall – still maintain your balance.

In other words, you don’t go running off trying to fix every thing that you feel a responsibility toward. That causes a distortion when your focus is too much on something outside of yourself; the extra attention isn’t going to solve a problem. What solves a problem is when the person develops a confidence, an ability to trust, and a way of just letting go and surrendering, knowing that somehow or other, that that part is covered.

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