Earth, Air, Fire, Hamburgers

John: In this next dream a woman reminds me that it would be nice to show some appreciation to a coworker whom we both like. I’ve just been going along, but women know that you have to have a greater degree of appreciation for what is going on around you.

We agree that we should get that person, as a gift, a box of candy. However, when I think of that, I get sidetracked by the feeling of, “What about the others who’ve also been meaningful and helpful in one’s life?” So, as I ponder that (because I don’t like to discriminate, to do something for one person that I don’t do for another), it causes me to lose focus.

So, the woman has something else that she needs to take care of, but because the gift idea has come from her, she takes time from her schedule to walk me to a market place. When we enter this huge area, I see vendor after vendor cooking food, and in one glance I see that everything has to do with cooking hamburgers.

This throws me for a loop because that isn’t what we need or had come to get. This seems clear to me, yet the woman, who’s anxious to get on to something else, says to me, “There you go,” as if I’m going to select a gift from one of these hamburger stands.

I stand there in shock. In my state, I forget what it is that I’ve come for but I know it’s not hamburgers. In a way, I’ve been trying to carry the feeling of respect or honor all the way through the scenario, but as the dream ends I’ve come up short.

So, in this dream (and the previous one, see The Masculine Urge), there’s an emotional imbalance that I’m trying to stabilize. Whether a pile of lumber or an unacknowledged debt that needs repaying, these are clues that we are dealing with an emotional issue, and emotions can be related to the water aspect, in terms of earth, air, fire, and water. Water has many great qualities, but it is not a stable state (it’s always in flux).

So in the dream I begin with an emotional connection that I want to bring balance to, but in my effort to balance it I end up with hamburgers, so I’ve gotten disconnected and ended up with an inappropriate solution.

In the emotional state there’s a closeness to the heart, and it’s easy to feel drunk in this energy. Now what we’re talking about is a watery state, liquid light, in that sense. In me, that state needs grounding – it needs the element of earth, the wisdom of physical being, to give it stability. When I’m able to ground my watery emotional state into the solidity of my earth, then I can maintain my emotional sensitivity, but not be swept away by it.

The earth adds a sobering quality to the fluidity of the emotions. I seem to need to go back and forth constantly, trying to maintain the stability of these two states. Creating that stability within, brings me greater wholeness.

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