Discrimination to Guidance

John: So, in this dream I’ve placed my attention on a friend who is going out of his way to help me in some manner. I’m not sure how he’s helping, but I’m trying to be open to that help. So I have to stop what I’m doing. I was heading out somewhere and I had my suitcase and bags with me. I hadn’t quite gotten them into the trunk of the car when I had to drop everything and put my attention upon what my friend had in mind.

I’m directed to go up an outer stairway – it’s like a scaffold – on a large building. I climb the steps to the top to do something on the roof. Whatever I’m to do on the roof isn’t important. What’s important is that I’ve gotten out of the way of what I was doing, because it keeps me from indulging in worrying about my bags that I left out in the open on the street.

As I climb the stairwell, my friend goes around the corner of the house to work on something for me. When I come back down I notice that the stairway isn’t attached very well to the outside of the building. It’s a little loose. It’s not going to fall or anything, but it could be better connected. It’s also an awfully big step to come off of this rooftop onto the stair, but it’s okay. It’s a little scary, but I can do it.

When I come back down, I go around the building to see how things are going and I’m surprised to find that my friend has enlisted the services of another person; between them they have finished something for me.

While all of this is happening, part of me wants to keep looking over to where my bags are just to make sure that no one is stealing them. So part of me is still clutching to that, while another part of me can let go for periods of time and trust that everything will be okay.

What that part of me is recognizing is that there’s help that needs to be there, and it can’t be disturbed. In the greater octave of things I have to know that everything is okay. The part of me that worries about the bags being disturbed is keeping a barrier up to the help I am getting. If I completely kept myself focused on what I had been doing at the start, it would shut off my access to the help.

So in this dream I am able to pause and let go enough so that my path can be redirected, or guided. That’s what the dream is saying that I need to do; whether I’m able to do that is another thing.

That type of letting go requires that I trust in the not knowing, and allow myself to be directed. On a personal level it feels like when I drop what I am doing it is an irresponsible act. But to get where I really want to go (my bags are packed), I have to open myself in a way that I can be helped, and that help makes possible more than I can imagine.

In other words, what I can take responsibility for in the physical realms is nothing compared to what is available to me if I can let go, can trust, and let myself be guided. In the dream, I do not know exactly what is being done by my friend to help me. All I know is that this help carries a connection to much more. My friend, another aspect of me, is able to recognize what is needed.

That’s the interesting thing. The friend aspect recognizes it and knows how to elicit additional help, if needed, to work on what should take place. I just have to trust in that process, even though I don’t know what’s involved.

My bags aren’t going anywhere. If I get carried away worrying about the bags, I can prevent all the help. To keep me from meddling, in the dream I am given something to do: going up and down the staircase doesn’t amount to anything but to keep me out of the way.

My role is to wait for what I need, and that is identified in its own time and brought through. I cannot do this on my own. I am lucky if I can feel the need, which is important for the connection and trust to blossom.

This ability to let go is called “discrimination to guidance.” Which means to allow oneself to be redirected. It’s not easy because we tend to hold onto our distractions, i.e., “I must finish what I was doing.” In other words, we get attached to the misdirection, and that keeps us oblivious to the guidance.

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