Fighting the Establishment

Jeane: In this dream it feels like I am in the U.S., but I am a woman who is from India. My friends are also from India – our skin is dark.

I am married. It feels like a group of us go to visit another friend. He lives in an area near his work; his living quarters are more public than usual. It is near a transport station, just off to the left, and there is a lot of glass so his living quarters are not very private.

It feels as though times are unsettled. There is something going on in society that is similar to McCarthyism where people can accuse other people and have them arrested just on casual suggestions. Some people believe this is going on, but others don’t.

I am drawn to this man we are visiting, even though I am married. I go there to sleep with him at his place. Perhaps someone could even walk by the windows and see that I am there – perhaps one of his co-workers.

Then it feels like my friends come to warn me that one of his co-workers is going to have him arrested for some offense – like he is being accused of being a communist or something else.

Neither of us can really believe it, yet they do come to arrest him and, perhaps, also arrest me and others I’ve associated with. They take us out the door; there are some transport buses and people walking by. I try to appeal to some passersby that this is a miscarriage of justice and we haven’t done anything wrong; maybe one of his co-workers is just jealous or envious because we are involved. I do not know. I try to get them to see this is just a set up. However, people are afraid to act.

Next the dream does a sideways shift: It feels like I’m standing outside with others (I don’t know if it’s the same people or not). I am participating in a game that involves crossing the highway to get somewhere.

It’s like a video game. When I first step onto the highway someone pulls me back because something comes zipping by me. You have to time when to step out, and then you step onto a moving island that is traveling down the highway.

There is a puzzle box that, when you move it, takes on different shapes and opens up. It feels like I’m also trying to get the people who are traveling with me to come along.

So, I’m trying to open this puzzle box, which will suddenly change its shape and the shape of everything around me. If I can open up the right puzzle box at the right time then there are more ways of traveling across the highway.

It’s hard. Sometimes the box just opens up in odd ways and none of us are quite sure what to do, but you still have to take that risk and go out on the highway and travel down on that island and open up another puzzle box and try to figure out what this shape means and what that is leading to.

John: What you are doing here has to do with an energetic that has built up to a particular point where it’s now able to do something differently – in a dynamic way – in the outer. It’s trying to open up, like the puzzle box, even though you are not sure what to do with it. The actual theme of the dream has to do with using a type of consciousness to affect matter.

In your dream you are extending an energetic of yourself into a new capacity. When you do that, part of you perceives it as a violation of the established order of things. That’s because you are not embracing the energetic as natural to you – you feel it is separate from you. So it becomes an inner struggle.

What the new energetic is manifesting appears to you as something that is not allowed, something that must be wiped out. In other words, you are having a dream that has to do with addressing an energetic, but instead of letting the energetic do what it can do, you interpret it as a threat; it feels personal, but it isn’t, really.

So that conflict in you creates the disruption in the dream (the threat of arrest). In the outer world, everything that is done is perceived to have a result. But internally, deep down, you know it doesn’t have to be that way: an energetic can just be there in and of itself.

You are not able to bring this through as just a pure energetic; you are only able to carry it through as a disruptive image. For some reason this is how you are interpreting the energy, rather that just seeing it and working with it and allowing it to change things without having to do any thing yourself.

Because, ultimately, the energetic you are struggling with is perfect and natural by itself, and you want what it can do in life.

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