The Dreamer or the Dreamt?

Jeane: Then the dream shifts again. The next image starts out with me stopping by a room with a teacher of some sort. This teacher is involved with seminars and personal growth events that I used to organize. I cannot see the teacher very clearly.

Then I travel to another city where they are organizing another event. They are struggling a bit to get enough people signed up, and to get the group to focus its energy. I have come to their meeting to share something with them from my past experience, but I’m not sure that I still believe in what the group is teaching, though I still want to help in some way.

They’re not quite sure they trust me. I am trying to connect where I’ve come from with where they are. Then we all go to a party.

At the party I see, on a piano, a picture. I’m not sure if this is a picture of a student whom the teacher has helped accomplish a lot in life, or whether it is a picture of the teacher. I look at it and realize that the people at the party actually don’t really get who the teacher is, even though they have this evidence of what his student has accomplished. That is perplexing to me.

John: Now this part follows the first part of the dream (see Fighting the Establishment) and it shows that you are closing the gap between you and the energetic, which is going really, really fast. That is affecting the images – previously you saw the puzzle box that could change form instantly.

Even at this full speed, where you don’t have the same sense of separation, you still have an awareness that you have to watch your thoughts. Now, what you are actually doing in this dream is interesting: It’s almost as if your higher self gets what is going on because the energetic seems to sense that you have this wariness.

Now you’ve reached a point where you’re playing with something that’s going really fast and it almost shocks you. It’s a little overwhelming – you have to keep moving (the moving highway image and the puzzle box).

So in this part of the dream you’ve progressed that conundrum into the image of the teacher, and is anyone appreciating the teacher?

Like the energetic that you are dealing with, the teacher is just the experientiality. What you do with that experientiality is your business. The teacher (the energetic) emanates the experientiality. The teacher gives one hints to be able to recognize it, but who is able to see through the hints?

It takes a certain speeding up to see through the hints. One of the things that is said is that, when you go from this planetary existence to the next level – when you die to the images of who you are here in the physical, dense plane – the dream world that we experience here is more akin to that world.

So, if you’ve developed an ability to work with these energetic images here in this life, it is not so confusing or disorienting when you shift into that other world. So when you consider that, together with the fact that these images and energetics enable a little better access to what exists on the other side, then what we are talking about is an experientiality that comes through at the speed of light in images.

There is a deeper sense of the soul in this experientiality, but it is not the be all, end all. It is as if the teacher is something that sits in this other zone, that is this light and speeded up quality, that is not necessarily the eternal, but that has a long life as an energetic. And it is attached to the soul’s quality, and it breathes and exists through vibratory, pranic energy.

This energetic extends and inflects into the denser and denser planetary life. In a sense, the energetic radiates out and as it does, we become more an aspect of what is dreamt, than we are the dreamer. This is how energy affects matter, and is brought into the physical world.

We are living what is dreamt, in a way, by something else that is the dreamer. We are the dreamt manifesting in the outer. For us to advance, we have to climb up from being the dreamt – by struggling with all the realities, responsibilities, and psychologies that go with carnal life – and into the vibration from which everything then arises, or comes about, in the outer.

If we can climb back into that place, we then are able to become what the teacher is. The teacher that is us, is that experientiality. This is what is meant by becoming “less than the dust.”

As long as we are still functioning as a carnal substance, or something that relates to things outwardly, then we are not catching up with what the teacher is, i.e., a mirror of experientiality that exists from an energetic. That energetic is projecting, like a projector, the movie screen that we take as real, that we see our selves as living within; it is projecting those images on a continuous basis.

So, in the dream, you have gotten a glimpse of something that is not supposed to be seen. When you do see it “You tell no man of what you have seen.” But you did get a glimpse, yet the only memory you have of it is that you throw yourself back into a scenario with others and the teacher and what you want to point out to them is that they don’t know who the teacher is.

Somehow or other you remember something about the teacher, that the teacher is not who they all think the teacher is, and you carry this in you. That means that somehow or other you are recognizing that the teacher is the experientiality, but you do not know how to communicate that.

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