Losing One’s Connections

John: My dream, like yours, has to do with working with an energetic, as opposed to actually relating to or functioning in regards to the outer plane.

I see myself sitting in a bingo room. I have to find a number of items and put them in specific slots to win the contest. The slots are pretty well filled in, although there are empty ones here and there. I can’t necessarily see where all the empty slots are. What I need to relate to is an energy inside of me that has a natural knowingness – it has everything scoped and figured out.

Others in the room might have to see all the details, and check out everything, but I have a huge advantage because I can just scan the area energetically and have a knowing about it.

While sensing this I get a knowing feeling that I have everything covered, so I announce, “Bingo!”

Then I see myself pulling bits and pieces out of me that I hadn’t even noticed I had and I’m putting them into slots. I am putting something furry into a slot and I didn’t know I had something furry. It is really easy to do – it’s just like boom! Got it. I trusted it, I went with it, and it was there.

Of course I don’t always have such a direct knowingness, or such a total trust. So, what happens is that there is an indulgence zone. From my direct knowing I yelled “Bingo!” Then I had to fill the slots to prove I had what was required. That process sets in motion a slower vibration, or denseness, so that now, as I am proceeding, everything shifts, and I am going down a sidewalk.

I am riding a bicycle and to the right of me is a woman walking along. She is concealing something important that is meant to be part of the situation. Somehow she is both right there and also outside of the sidewalk. I’m riding down the center, she is to my right and now my bicycle is slowing because I’m riding through something that looks like a thick layer of salt.

But it’s not salt, it’s something connective that is holding everything together. I come to a point where I go over a little hump of it, and then it is no more. As I am doing this, I am still trying to pull together pieces and components, as in the bingo game.

But I no longer have the inner knowing, and I have to do it the usual way of trying to match things together. This woman has to deal with me and ordinarily she might not. I am heading to the place where all of the components and pieces are pulled together, and she is part of that.

When I go up and over this hump of salt-like stuff, I see there is a little storeroom and that storeroom supposedly has everything that I’ll need.

But it is closed. The woman has disappeared. That leaves me in a state of shock: I was not able to hold, inside myself, the experienciality that was working in the early part of the dream. As I left the bingo game my connection grew less and less.

Now I have to scramble to figure out how I am going to pick up those pieces again. I think, “What am I going to do? This place is closed.” Then, “Aha!  Wal-Mart is open.”

The problem is that it’s a big store and I don’t really know what I need. The storeroom would have had everything in one place, but now I’ll have to walk the aisles of Wal-Mart and hope that I know it when I see it.

Next time we’ll delve into the meaning of this journey, from knowing connection, to nearly complete disconnection, by the end of the dream.

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