The Descent Into… Wal-Mart?

John: In the dream, described in Losing One’s Connections, I began in a state of connection to a powerful energetic, which gave me a certain inner knowing. I was able to yell “Bingo!” without actually checking to see if I had what was required, but by feeling sure I did. And to fulfill the claim of “bingo” I was able to fill the required slots easily and quickly.

But after that, my connection to the energetic deteriorates. I still find myself trying to fit pieces together, but I end up on a bicycle knowing that I don’t have everything I need, and ultimately the little storeroom where I could get the needed supplies is closed and dark. So what began in a state of ease and connection ends up with me shut out from what I need.

What does this mean as a dream? On one level, it is describing the differences between the inner and the outer of the dream world and the challenge of bringing the inner-self guidance into the unfolding scenario of dream imagery.

Another way of saying it is this: It is one thing to embody the fullness and completeness on the inner plane, where it is a direct perception, yet to apply that same state into the outer experience requires that you live it.

On the inner plane, the energetic access is done in the blink of an eye – it’s instantaneous. In the outer, that state of knowingness needs to be applied to every different situation, and the outer process is much slower. If those two speeds aren’t integrated, it creates a type of separation and disconnection as you move from the inner into the outer.

In the second part of the dream I describe being on the street riding a bike next to a woman walking alone. She is an aspect of me, but separate. So the dream started with just me, and now I have basically split into two. And this woman, this other aspect of me, has something I need in terms of putting pieces together, but when I get distracted (when the layer of “connective” salt-like material stops), she disappears.

Then I find that the storeroom is closed, which is even more disconcerting. At least when the woman was outside of me she was still there, meaning I had some linkage to her. But now that linkage is gone, and with it my access to what I need, i.e., the storeroom is closed and dark.

So I am left to resort to a Wal-Mart-type place where there are a million items and I’ll have to scan the shelves hoping I will recognize what I need when I see it. Basically my shift from the inner to the outer is complete. I am disconnected, slowed down, in the dense world of the outer where I have no access to my inner knowings. I am lost and on my own.

So this is the state in the dream, and also the state for most of us in our lives. We have become so disconnected from our inner guidance that we live our lives in a state that is like being lost. We can only grope our way forward and hope to recognize the signposts when we see them, but we don’t really know what we are looking for.

And that is where personal development and spiritual development play a role. To regain that state – and it is re-gain, because this state is natural to humans – requires more development on my part. I need to reach a point where I can bring the inner guidance into the outer aspects of my life without losing that connection. Then I can operate in almost a state of grace as I go forward.

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