Werewolves of Dreamland

Jeane: I am in an art gallery, the kind one finds in the southwest, say, in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, where there are white walls, and pedestals with artwork on them. The floor is wooden and it’s a very spacious gallery. A male friend of mine comes in the front door and there’s a woman who’s part of this store, and I seem to have a relationship to this gallery as well.

While we are all in the gallery something happens and the lights flicker out. This occurs several times. Each time the lights flicker out, I’m aware that something negative has happened – I get a sense of fear.

I’m not even sure at first what has happened. Has something been taken? Has something worse happened? Whatever it is, periodically the lights flicker out, and these things occur. No one knows who has done it.

My friend looks suspiciously at me. The woman is not so sure. I know that I haven’t done it because I know something that they do not know. What I figure out (toward the end of the dream) is that if you log in to the computer that runs everything (that you are the system administrator for), you can know what is going on.

Although you are the administrator for it, I know the password. Therefore, I’m not the one causing these odd events because I have an interest in the gallery that they might not even know about.

Once I become aware of that, it feels like we’re all outside the gallery and I’m looking at the area that encompasses more of the town. At this point I’m just observing what is happening. What I see is that a woman, who helps out at the gallery (not the woman I saw earlier), has a son. Her son looks like he is in his teens or early 20s – he’s thin and seems insecure.

What has happened is that her son has become a werewolf. When he changes into a werewolf and has to kill someone, she protects him because that is her son. Maybe that is what has been happening?

I observe that he sees a girl who is about his age, and he looks toward his mother, as if for permission: Can he choose her for his next victim? She nods.

You can sense that they are sad about this but, if you’re a werewolf, you’re a werewolf. He goes off to an area by a road, where there’s an underpass, and he kills the girl.

Unbeknownst to him, the young girl was not alone – there was another young girl with her. The second young girl is traumatized by what she has seen. She comes over to where the rest of us are and there is blood on her.

She needs someone to talk to, or she needs comforting.

Ahhh – Ooooooo! As the moon waxes full, we shall gather the townsfolk and our torches, and pursue the meaning of this eerie dream!

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