Illuminating the Darkness

John: Interesting dream! (See Werewolves of Dreamland.) The gallery that you describe represents a certain kind of expanse, an aspect of your higher self that is opening up inside and bringing out a natural knowingness. It is an art gallery because it has a projected effect, perhaps a creative aspect, even though you cannot put your finger on what that effect is.

It’s a masculine energy that is coming through – seen in the form of the teenage boy – that is a part of you that is still growing, still emerging. It is causing something to be awakened in you. But it also extends into a type of darkness. Ultimately, it is this darkness that is being extended from the inner expanse (gallery), into the outer (the street).

So in a sense, you are taking a quality that you have found on the inside and it is emanating into the outer world of your dream. But this masculine element also sets something off  – this young masculine energetic aspect of you becomes a werewolf in the outer world.

So the dream is examining your ability to take an emerging aspect of yourself, from your inner world, and manifesting it in the outer world. Something that you experience on the inner planes isn’t fully realized in you until you can carry it into the outer life, and it is during that process that things seemingly go very wrong.

Even though the actions of the werewolf seem dark and twisted, it is not something to be judged or rejected by you. The dream makes this energetic appear separate from you, but it is not. When something manifests in the outer it may seem to be separate, but that sense of separation is an illusion; the linkage to your inner self is still there.

You may want to veil yourself from the actions of the werewolf, but you have to recognize that it is doing and being the way that it needs to be in terms of an overall unfolding of the energy.

That is the creative force that seeks its separation, yet it is always an aspect of the One thing. And that One thing exists as a composite in you, just as it exists as a composite in me. It all comes together as the same thing; it is the same light, not separate lights. Therefore it shouldn’t be rejected by you.

If you were to reject it because you view it as being twisted and other than you, then you would be arresting its possibility to move from the darkness further into the light. You have to take even this dense characteristic as something that is like your son, something that is part of you.

It may have to go out into the world and do things and act in ways that feel completely foreign to your consciousness, because it is manifesting on a level that is different from where you are on the inside (in the gallery). It’s almost like one opposes the other.

That’s how you are inclined to see it if you get too much into the mental aspect, where right and wrong values come into play. But values don’t belong here. Overallness belongs here.

So you have to acknowledge that there is a werewolf side of you that has a way of preying upon things. If you accept that part of your inner self, if you recognize it, you then are able to see the effect that it has in the outer world.

It might seem natural, when an aspect like this arises, to reject it straight away. But you know better than that. You know that you need to embrace it and carry it. So it may exist in the shadows, but nothing ever gets killed. It is all a play of energetics.

Now what this all means is that when you see some part of yourself that carries a guilt, or carries a wound, and you are able to look at that (in general most people don’t accept the werewolf side of things in life), you are able to appreciate both sides. Separating yourself from that truth is what causes something to be traumatized (the girl getting killed).

That is the dilemma – both extremes exist within us. The greater the challenges we face in life, the greater are the opportunities to gain new awareness. So you are presented with a very great challenge: you have to mother this child, this part of you, that is vampirish in its nature. You have to allow an energy inside of you (the gallery) to manifest into your outer life; you need to illuminate the darkness.

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