The Grandmother Quality

Jeane: I have been out shopping. I bought a sewing machine and some pants. I have gone back home to a house I have never seen before in outer reality, yet it seems to be my home in this inner dream reality.

It seems that my parents, my sister, and I live there with someone else. Mom and dad have a bedroom downstairs; my bedroom is upstairs. Because mom has gone somewhere, my dad is kind of lonely downstairs and has moved up into my bedroom. I am out in the living room and my sister is sitting in a chair to my left.

My paternal grandmother is sitting near the center of the wall. I do not dream about her very often. Somehow, the three of us, all sitting in our three different places in the room, fall asleep. I wake up before daylight. I look at my grandmother. In that moment when I wake up, I see behind her the complete night sky.

She is sitting with her back to the sky – almost like a tarot card where you see the dark energy and the throne and the night sky in the background. Between us are all these little lights in the room that come towards me or are just there.

I wonder if she sees that; she opens her eyes. I look across the room and say to my sister, “I think we should take grandmother home so she can sleep in her own bed.” Then I have some trouble as my pants were unbuttoned and I have to get those together.

Then I feel that I need to put the new sewing machine away. I go towards my bedroom (which dad is still in) and I see that while we were sleeping my mom has come home and they have moved their larger bed and all their furniture into my room.

They have decided now that they like my bedroom so I have to take the sewing machine down to the basement, where my bedroom is now. When I come back up I realize that I left part of the sewing machine, its case, in the living room, but it seems more important at this time not to worry about all that because I feel that my sister and I should get my grandmother home to her own bed so that she can still get some sleep.

John: The image of your grandmother reflects an idea, or a quality, that is often a part of childhood stories and it relates to the incredible aspects in the great expanse; it takes in all the marvels of Creation. This is often viewed as a grandmother quality.

In relationship to everyday things that we experience in the outer, this quality is more hidden (you say you do not dream of her often), or perhaps more asleep, because it is emanating from the stars. It reminds me also of an old Arabic saying that when it is dark outside, the stars sparkle.

So in your dream you see your grandmother in this dazzling darkness in which something sparkles. She just exists in that zone, that huge expanse. This is where this dream picks up the quality from your earlier dream, with the expanse of the art gallery, but has added the grandmother quality.

Then, in the figure of your sister, we see an aspect of the future. So you have that aspect in you, just as you have an aspect of the werewolf. Your bedroom is on the upper floor – it’s in the higher realms. And here we see the masculine and the feminine coming together (your father and mother move in).

These masculine and feminine aspects (represented by your parents) now occupy a zone that is closer to the starry world (upstairs bedroom) of the grandmother quality – the beyond of the beyond. So you get the sense of lineage here, with members of your family, but also of higher and lower levels of connection.

And with all of this taking place, something then has to hold the continuity, this lineage, from the expansive inner (higher) realms, in a grounded way.  So with this opening up inside of you, you now must bring to it a groundedness (your bedroom ends up in the basement).

You are also taking a sewing machine, something that creates, or that weaves things together, to help bring what is opening up at the higher levels into your outer life (by grounding it, or taking it to the basement). Finally, then, the grandmother, in her total innerness, is taken to a safe place – as a way of keeping this inner quality intact.

It’s a beautiful description of this natural part of the development process, and we will delve a little deeper into it in our next post.

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