You Reap What You Sew

John: What we want to do here is bring together the threads of your previous two dreams. They both happened in the same night, and they both show similar processes, with very different results. In that, they are showing a kind of progress, or peace you have made internally during the night, which is wonderful to see what can be accomplished while we are asleep!

To catch up to where we are today, the background is here: Werewolves of Dreamland, Illuminating the Darkness, and The Grandmother Quality.

So what you are really describing in these dreams is the fact that a new, more expansive aspect is opening up inside you, from your inner realms. And we see that it has a connection to the sparkle of the stars in the sky. This grandmother quality in a dream gives access to the stars of the Infinitude, that in one sense has the ability to dream the dreamed.

In a masculine dream, the grandmother quality would appear as the yogi under the bodhi tree in meditation. His face would be the same as the face of the person who comes to seek him (as in Carl Jung’s dream of seeing himself in meditation). The idea that the seeker shows the same face as the yogi in meditation, speaks to the idea that if he woke up, he could not exist.

The grandmother quality is this other, feminine, zone. This expansive quality, as an awakening aspect of you, can be woven into your life, shown by the sewing machine in your dream. You see yourself bring the sewing machine down into the basement (grounding the grandmother quality into life), so that it can unfold into the outer worlds.

So we observe you in the dream awakening from a nap, only to see the grandmother with a sparkling expanse of the night sky behind her. You are getting a glimpse of this higher aspect that is opening up to you; you are on the upper level of the house, which represents levels in the whole of you.

It is just like the expanse of space you dreamed in the art gallery. The next step is to take what is opening up and bring it from the inner aspects (the upstairs, the higher), into the outer. We have seen you handle this transition in two ways now.

In the first scenario, this transition to the outer awoke the werewolf in you – it awoke a resistant, opposite force. It showed a feeling of separation, of alienation. But you must bring these opposing aspects together in yourself because they are both you.

Later in the night you see the grandmother quality. This time you are better prepared: you have bought the sewing machine that can weave your higher aspects into your lower aspects and make them one again.

So finally you recognize that it is an even more interesting expression to actually be the thing that sews something together; that integrates the higher with the lower and then expresses it into life.

This dream runs a very close parallel to what you are actually starting to do in real life. You are starting to play with the dreams and their meanings, and are beginning to understand that it gives you access to an inner dimension connection that is beyond the beyond.

As you bring this understanding, this awakening, down to where it can be sewn into the fabric of your life, where you can carry it with you no matter what you are doing, it can cause the werewolf qualities to subside, because they are being integrated into something much greater.

That is an important realization. So these dreams are showing that you are willing and able to make this transition. Instead of the werewolf aspects preventing you, you are letting the grandmother quality become an enhancement in your life, a higher connection.

At the end of this dream we see you making sure that the grandmother is home and safe, protected and intact. So you are holding the sanctity of that quality, together with the lineage aspects of your feminine: you, your sister, your mother, and now your grandmother all sewn together and held in continuity.

That is an amazing recognition of service.

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