The Fourth Level

Jeane: In this dream, all the characters are male. There is a big, tall guy with bully-type energy; he’s heavy set. He is the right-hand man for someone who is like Jerry Falwell – someone who is fooling the public, in this case to do with business. Then there is an 11-year-old boy with whom the large guy is pretending to be friends. And finally there is a small man, a Jackie-Chan type, who knows martial arts, and he is a good guy.

At some point the 11-year-old becomes aware of the scheme that is being pulled on society by the older guys. I get the feeling that he has put all his information into a book; he is carrying the book and some kind of statistical manuals.

The big guy becomes aware of this and begins chasing the kid to get the books. He realizes that the information can’t get released to the public.

The chase seems to go on all over the place. I don’t remember everything about it, but it goes through a new construction site, and there was a cow, wet concrete, all kinds of things.

The 11-year-old is just trying to get the information to the martial arts guy, whom he trusts. He knows that once he hands it off, the other guys cannot take it back.

It seems as though, at one point, the boy tries to hide it and the big guy pretends to be a friend to get the information. While doing this, the big guy grabs the book right before the kid can get it to the martial arts guy.

At that point, the big guy takes the book back to his boss and they are going to go on with their scam. But when he looks back at what the boy is doing, he sees that he has gone to the martial arts guy and pulled from under his shirt the statistical manual.

The manual is covered in white plastic and they tear that open. It is only then that the scammers realize that what they thought was a statistical manual actually is the material that will reveal everything, and the martial artist and the kid have it.

John: This dream is a wild scenario that shows various energetics that somehow lack a tangibility – they resist being nailed down in concrete terms. In this swirl of energy is all of life. There is a struggle going on to try to maintain the images, or some image.

Images in a dream are a type of energy that forms into a density, into something of substance. Because you are seeing a swirl of images, you are left trying to make sense out it. In other words you are back to the drawing board.

So, in a effort to try to make some sense out of it, you formulate the image of the book. It is like the book of creation, from which something can be drawn. This is your way of saying that by going back to the root of understanding, you can move back out from there and try to make better sense of things – an understanding that is not a scam.

The deeper essence of this dream is that if you can go back to where you exist as a swirl of energies, where you don’t see yourself as separate from creation, you can then be directly connected to the energetic and its potentiality. You are in a place where the images are yet to be formed. Somehow or other, this is all associated with a Divine plan, or the book.

Jeane: Yes, because it is wrapped in white and carried close to the heart.

John: But the sense of this book is that it’s not separate from who you are – it is who you are, too. It is the merest of substances that you’re able to grasp. It has the overallness of the container, as well as the nothingness.

It is similar to what has been described as the four levels of dreaming. The first level is very fundamental, recognizing that there is something not real about life; there is an illusion aspect to it.

The second level is where you can recall that you dream, but you have no idea what you are dreaming or what the dream means. This describes another state of illusion, different from the state of the first level, yet still an illusion.

In the third level you are beginning to grasp that there is something behind the dream. You begin working with the symbolic imagery to intuit or glimpse what is real that inflects from behind the dream image.

The fourth level is where you do not even have the dream image, you just have the energetic. This state touches upon the concept of being able to say that you are God, like the Persian mystic Al-Hallaj announced, which is the epitome of blasphemy because nothing is like that in a physical existence – it is only like that if you are in a world in which there is no form and there is nothing but energetic.

So you dreamed this energetic as an overallness. I suppose that is the more feminine way of doing it, to be able to just sit and let all of that be something that permeates outward. You are at that point of nothingness, in an energetic way.

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