The Last Vestige of Ego

John: In my dream, I am looking at the value of a stock in terms of its liquidation value. That means to forget the ongoing business aspect and to only consider the cash and physical holdings that a company has. It’s a way of looking at its essence, so to speak. That is what the true value of the company becomes.

And, like your dream where we spoke of the four levels of dreaming, here I was seeing the four-pillar approach to investing: I actually saw an image of four Greek pillars. So what that image is relating to is the elements that were there at the inception – the columns of support from which everything else arose. I saw this image of four Greek pillars, but only for a moment, and then they disappeared.

If one were to take this image personally, it could be looked at from the point of view of personal grief. I have gone back to the originating state – everything else has been wiped clean. In terms of a stock’s value, it’s looking at the absolute rock bottom – the lowest price. Yet the image also has an inflection from the spiritual realms.

On a spiritual level, it speaks of the very foundation of one’s being. It’s an image that reaches back to the inception of western civilization, almost 3,000 years ago. Like the book of life in your dream that you held onto, this foundational image is what I try to hold onto.

In my dream, however, the image flashed in and disappeared. So to be taken back to that beginning is to have every illusion that has appeared since then, taken away; i.e., 3,000 years of history erased. Seeing the pillars points to me still holding onto something – like you did with your book – but even that cannot be held and disappears.

So I’ve gone back to the inception, and then had even the memory image of the inception obliterated as well. That’s what this glimpse is about.

This image has to do with making a transition from a world of man-made values into a world of divine presence. There, nothing is visible. The tendency just before the end is to grasp at something, anything, of seeming comfort or security.

Upon letting go of even that was to be present in a world in which the essence has no form. The last vestige of my ego in that image was to see the pillars as representing some sort of value; by that I mean that the value has been stripped down to its essence. Then, even that value essence is gone.

The human mind cannot comprehend such a thing. It clings for an image. To be able to not have an image is what it is about in the end. “It” being the essence that is behind all of Creation from which everything is formed.

On a higher level of meaning we are talking about something akin to a black hole, in which everything is absorbed. It is similar, yet it goes beyond that. Were this to actually occur, then whatever was left would have to recreate everything from scratch.

It is hard to imagine something that exists, as a core image, being swept into nothingness, where there is no trace of ego illusion whatsoever. For a man to not be able to grasp and hold onto even the last vestige, defies the laws of this physical realm.

That is what is implied in the end. Not necessarily the end of the world, but the end of the soul’s confinement in the dense structure of matter. When it is manifested in matter, the soul is unable to see itself as an energetic nothingness, because even at the end there still seems to be an energetic remaining.

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