Energy Conservation

Jeane: This dream had three parts and at the very end I’m told that something that is repeating is probably going to have to repeat about 30 times more to really learn it. Maybe that’s just how it is.

In the first part of the dream – it feels as though there are always three parts going on, whether they are just represented by different people, or by something else. In the first part, there is a group of people who appear to be in a brighter outer reality. The main theme seems to be a dynamic where you are there trying to identify which men in the group are hurting people; children or women are being hurt.

You have to identify who it is so that he can’t continue that pattern. Sometimes, as you are looking at people and you’re not sure if they are the ones who are hurting the others or not.

John: What you just described is subtle, because there is a hint of a shift in it. There’s a hint that you are shifting from something that doesn’t have a lot of energy, back into something that does have energy.

That is strange in terms of directionality. Usually a person goes from a state of something opening up, toward a state of closing down. The sensation you describe seems quite dry and empty.

It’s interesting because what is really going on is that something is trying to get you to relate, or identify, with the act of not making choices. The energetic that you see as me in the dream isn’t sure who’s doing what.

So there comes a point in time in this development journey when you make a shift inside. You begin to see that your light is brightening and that you are getting new information. This is very exciting in terms of what is unfolding in your life; you are starting to embrace a greater wholeness.

Yet even as that is going on, there is another part of you that is still clamoring for recognition or attention – still pulled by the outer life. So this other part is loud and it is still reaching out, still expecting to touch something in life in a way that cause something to happen, for you and to you.

Eventually the day arrives when the part of you that is getting information and feeling this inner light is more interesting than those outer distractions, and you are waking up to this greater awareness, and you have an epiphany. It’s as if you’re moving out from your denseness and suddenly have a tremendous experience of light and energy inside.

The next phase arrives, and you find this access and inner light is no longer there. You feel emptied, and find that you need to lift yourself up. It’s a very strange sensation. But what is happening is that all this other stuff inside, the part that is clamoring for recognition, thinking it needs to make certain linkages, is really exposing a compartmentalized aspect to your being.

In this scenario, you can have a particular focus on something, tune in one channel and tune out another channel. You are maintaining a separation between different aspects of your life.

The shift you are describing is one where you now have to pay attention to what you are projecting from yourself, in relationship to everything else in life. You may have many things to do tomorrow, or right now, but you can’t compartmentalize it like that any more. Now you are coming from a point where you need to try to sustain the light awakening inside you, so you don’t just project into those outer events (by personal involvement), because you have been shifted into a level at which, if you do that, you empty yourself out. You empty yourself out of that light, and that energetic, by it being drained from you as if into a dark hole.

So the dream shows that you are attempting to throw off this darkness – to stop what is hurting other things – and you are attempting again to look at what feeds you. What doesn’t feed you, you repudiate. This action then feeds you again, but you must be careful that you do not go backwards to try to find the light as if it is some specific part of you – instead you must recognize that it lives around you and in you and there is no difference between you and it. As long as there is a difference, this sense of separation, it can be drained from you.

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