A New Model

Jeane: In describing the subsequent parts of the dream, the thing to remember is that the visual colors are less distinct and clear now than they were in the first part. The women in the dream, and their family members, remind me of the women in the movie The White Countess; they are like white Russians who have been displaced. They speak with an accent.

It is a somewhat elegant time in history in terms of dress and manners. These women are new to this place; they are still trying to figure out how things are. In one scene that I remember, a woman has gone to one of those elegant parties – like you see in the movies from the 1930s – with the women all wearing long flowing dresses. People dance well, the setting is elegant in an intimate way.

As would sometimes happen in those days, the group began to play parlor games that everyone is expected to participate in. Several women are standing there and the others are lined up. They are showing this one woman how they do things, and they just want her to run across the room to a slightly raised area in front of some mirrors. There she is to just twirl around and pose for a moment, and then come back.

She is hesitant at first, because in the outer world she may have been a known model, but in this circumstance she has not been recognized and therefore can be ordinary. She is afraid that if she goes up and swirls around in front of the mirrors in her long flowing dress that they will recognize her as this model, and then how they are relating to her will shift.

So she is reluctant, but that is what she’s being asked to do, so she does it. When she does it she feels a bit of a delight as she comes back and realizes she has not been recognized. She can just go on being someone ordinary who doesn’t really know how everything works.

I remember this image as just a brief scene in the middle part of the dream.

John: So in the earlier part of the dream we talked about an awakening to a certain kind of light inside of you being held back by this need for recognition. It’s the idea of your inner life arising, but held in check by the ego aspects of oneself – it’s a natural phase of development.

Now here we see you dreaming a scenario where you do not want to be recognized. The ego aspects of your life – of being a known model in the place you used to live – are less important to you than your inner qualities. Yet you are a stranger to this place – this innerness – and want to learn the ways of it.

This transformation has to do with levels of the heart, or heartfulness. You have connected to a certain inner quality, but it no longer seems enough to feel this connection for brief moments when you are not engaged in the day-to-day goings on of life. The desire becomes, how do I let this connection be carried through me into my outer life, so that it informs everything I do, even when I am involved in the rat race?

To accomplish that, one has to let go of their ego associations with the world, and come from this inner place – to let that light and energy shine through. It’s a small shift, yet it changes everything.

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