A Stranger to Oneself

Jeane: This last part or dream is a bit tricky (see parts one and two). You are part of this family that was exiled and speak a different language. You are still trying to figure out how things work in this building.

It feels like the area is a rectangle with a courtyard section, so you can go from one part of this apartment building to another part across the way where things are done differently. It feels like what I am being shown has a lot to do with geometric design.

A young woman is living with her family and wants to go out into the world. There is a man in the other building whom she is somewhat interested in, as well as a woman there she wants to visit. Of course, when she goes into the other building, there is no one around.

She goes up near a top corner of the building, to the apartment of this man that she wants to relate to, yet she is not sure how things work in this world. There is an older couple there. In the process of going to be with this man, she walks out of one room and into another room to take a shower.

She ends up in the shower with the older man and his wife, which she does not really want to do. It feels as though there is something taking advantage of her energy there, and finally she has to move away from them.

There is a bit of confusion as she tries to go back to the man. She has to find out what she can say no to. She is learning that she can say no to what feels like an energy that is taking advantage of her. She feels she can be somewhat closer to the other man and begin to explore what that is about.

Again, it feels more like a beginning here. Sometimes she can be in the building just trying to discover what it looks like. When she goes back to the other section of the building to where her family is, it seems like that is when she is told she will have to do this 30 times before she will learn it.

As I was trying to remember the dream, it felt like I was aware of the rectangular building being like the shape you get when you put a rectangle inside a circle. There is something about these geometric designs….

John: This part of the dream shows that you are fighting to sustain the veil between things. It’s as if there is something on one hand that is different from something else on the other hand. You perceive these levels of separation that exist – there is the older man and then there is the guy you never meet. It is almost like the older man is a distraction to the other guy, which means that a part of you fails to recognize that the guy in front of you is the same as this other guy. We are all the characters in our dreams.

You do not see that, so you tend to reject it. You are trying to keep things distinct as a way to maintain a reference that says this is this and that is that. In other words, there are octaves of things going on. Actually, the only thing you can really say about it is that there are certain things about oneself that one can relate to a little more closely than other things, which seem more foreign and distant.

But that is where the illusion comes in. Those things that seem more foreign and distant aren’t really that way; it’s just that you have not broken through that to recognize them as being the same. Up close they are the same in terms of their vibration. And so for you to not break through this is to be in a condition and a state where you are always struggling for something.

We tend to always see our reality as based somehow upon the environment around us. And when we do, we tend to be thrown around by changes in that environment, i.e., when we have a bad day or we are hit by a chain of events that create circumstances we’d rather not deal with.

So in this part of the dream, you are not able to find that focus inside of you that allows you to see all of it – the whole picture. If you did, you wouldn’t need to jump from side to side looking for something, or feeling out of place. You’d more likely be excitedly embracing what is happening and exploring it.

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