Alice in Dreamland

Jeane: As this dream begins, I am walking down a street alongside something that is being pulled. I can’t see what is pulling it, but this thing is like a giant cooking pan as big as a queen-sized bed.

I have put something into this pan and mixed it up. I’ve covered it with a sheet. Even though I seem unable to get around to every part and stir this mixture up, I feel that when it solidifies, it’s actually going to be something edible. However, I know others might not think that.

I have moved to the right hand corner of the pan and I’m standing on something. A male friend seems to be behind me; we speak occasionally. I have a phone in my hand, trying to get a hold of someone I knew a long time ago.

Somehow I have been connected into his phone line, but there is also another conversation going on. I can’t hear him and I know he will not know I’m there. I do want to communicate something to him about what is forming in the pan, but I know that he may be a bit more fastidious, so I’m not sure he would eat what’s in there, or even see it as edible.

At some point I can see that everything in the pan has jelled, even though it is uneven and lumpier in some spots. I am able to reach in and break something off that I can eat. I don’t know if anyone else will eat it because it isn’t made in the normal way.

Right before this part ends, I am connected to my friend on the other end of the line, but feel he would not be able to relate to what I was doing, so I just said some word and was hoping he didn’t recognize my voice. I just had to let the whole phone call go.

Then I am on a large estate. I don’t know what happened to the pan. The estate appears to be from an earlier time, when there were serfs and kings. It seems a time in old England, where they have court jesters and certain types of outfits.

There is a man who says he’s in charge of those of us who come and go. People are doing various things. One person may be doing something to take care of the trees, while somebody else is doing work over here, and another person over there.

I am following this man who is dressed in an outfit like you would see in a movie of Henry VIII. He seems to be in charge of me and perhaps some others also. He will be directing us to move something down; I am fairly certain that what we are moving down we are going to clean.

There is also something there that, even though it is oddly shaped, I know is edible. One of the things is like a complete face of a woman with hair on top her head – like Hildegard – and I stop to look at this face mask made out of gingerbread that’s just set up on the hedge. It hangs there for a minute.

There are other things that are lumpy that have been gathered up. I’m thinking that the man will see them as something to be thrown away, but I know that they are edible because the smallest piece is just this little cookie.

I pick it up and take a bite out of it. That’s when the man turns around to talk to me.

What rabbit hole is this we have gone down? Next time, we will explore these strange goings on and see what they are really saying.

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