Getting the Right Mixture

John: In the first part of this dream (see Alice in Dreamland) what you are dealing with is an impressionability (because everything in our environment affects us as an impression). You are taking a type of impressionability and you are playing with it because it is associated with a memory (the difference between an impressionability and a memory are fairly intangible).

This impressionability can send you off on a detour, but the memory is still there, somewhere inside of you, and it’s trying to get you back on course. It acts as a type of subtle contamination, like sand in an oyster. The challenge in the dream becomes, can you override that bit of contamination, with something that you hear or recognize inside yourself, but that you can’t quite put your finger on?

So we see in your dream that you have this huge pan. It is moving forward with you and you are mixing something in it that you know needs to be properly mixed for it to come out right – for it to be edible.

What you are actually trying to figure out is how to do this in a non-physical way. In other words, the impressionability that sets this whole scenario in motion is the idea that you can lay back and experience something outside of the physical, in which you can just let yourself go on an energetic level, and the guidance that you need will be right there.

Well, you are trying to sort this out, because you are not sure what the heck the idea is – you can hear it and you are letting it bounce around a little bit. As you are trying to sort this out, the dream is depicting what it is that you do grasp about it. You have a listening center inside you that functions as a container and it can echo back into things. The big pan is this container aspect that, as you move forward with it, you are adding and mixing things together. You don’t quite know what it is you are making, but you are listening and trusting that it will come out right.

Even though your mixture is lumpy and, perhaps jelling unevenly, you now have to try to zero in on the channel and on the frequency of things. So you look back – you have a sense that you are conversing with a man behind you. The man represents something that is a little transcendent in its nature, but you find that that is not the right place to be looking. Then you look forward in terms of a connection – you have the cell phone in your hand. Yet even this connection has static and interruptions. You are not quite sure if this connection can give you the right information. By the time your friend is on the line, you realize that that is not the connection you want.

So this whole process has something to do with this pan and what you are cooking up, and your ability to make it come together in some useful (edible) fashion. The dream is showing you attempting to sort out what it is that you are supposed to be, or supposed to take in. The part of you that is working to try to grasp this on an energetic level first looks toward a listening connection that has an aspect in the physical – you are trying to contact other people. You look behind you to something that you know is a little expansive, and then you look forward as if there might be something up ahead that will cause everything to become clearer.

This reaching out is setting the tone; setting the note. It’s very similar to being agitated or affected by something that is causing you to go on a searching expedition to figure it out. You are not exactly fully clear and happy with what you have accomplished, but you aren’t necessarily unhappy with it either. You are still following the thread. You are moving (the pan) forward.

Then the dream switches into the second scenario.

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