Two Sparks

John: So we are continuing with the dream that began here, and the analysis that began here.

As the dream shifts, the pan you were mixing something in disappears. It wasn’t clear what you were making because what was happening was not about the substance itself – it had a vibration behind it, yet that vibration could not yet be heard by you (both attempts at conversation, with the man behind you and on the phone didn’t come through).

In the second part of the dream, you have established more confidence and you are not as uneasy – you now know what is edible, even if others don’t see it that way. This shows a progression in which the tone has changed a little bit. It is more expansive in the first part in terms of what you are putting together as a container, as a wholeness. In the second part you are actually partaking of it. So the second part is giving further information about the first part.

Really what you’re doing in terms of the first dream is you are trying to catch up with something that is embedded in your nature that is your own soul, or thought of God, and how it is. It’s still trying to sort itself out. It’s still a little misaligned and needs guidance.

Even so, the amazing thing is, it’s complete. It is whole. It is there. It’s got a quality to it that may not be visible, that’s percolating, and it will do whatever it is meant or intended to do when it realizes and recognizes what it can do. And it will do it in an overall way. That’s what is cooking.

Then the second part brings the guidance. And it brings in the part that somehow functions as a way to help you to catch up with it. You could say this quality is complete and contained within you – yet unknown in a way – and is held waiting for the right moment for it to germinate or come out. The second part has to do with what is necessary to tease it forward, to cause it to get an inkling of itself.

And this introduces a slightly separate note. The note in the first part is like trying to hear something as an echo from way off in the foggy zone; it’s not quite clear and it has the interruptions that keep it veiled and confused. But it is sitting there, knowing that at some point it is going to catch up with the wholeness inside of itself. It is masculine in that way. All of that is there trying to jell into cohesion, which is going to enable you to understand the thing better. This first effort is done on your own.

So you’ve moved it forward to a certain point on your own, and then the guidance comes in. The figure of the man is showing everyone who is new to the system what to do. You are paying attention to it, and in that you draw closer to a linkage and connection that is meant to unfold. And this linkage comes all the way down to the point that you are touching it – you take a bite of what is edible.

In other words, the two parts come into some greater clarity. What that clarity is meant to be is not defined in the dream – it is the soul spirit nature of you. It may need sorting out, but it’s complete nevertheless. It’s just a matter of getting it to open up in the way that it needs to open up. When the guidance arrives, part of you somehow recognizes it.

So the two parts are like two sparks: one is the spark of yourself in creation, and the second is the spark of something else, somewhere else. Getting these two sparks together and lined up gives you a kind of a spin, and there is a result from all that. The result is not defined. It’s just showing that you are coming to that.

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