A Fair Share

John: In this dream I come across a pile of sacks, filled with some kind of green food. When I see them initially, they look fine; there’s nothing unusual about them. It seems they are a special mixture of powdered stuff inside 50-pound sacks.

As I am observing them more closely, I can see they look old and beat up; the bags have tears in the sides.  Still, they are full, yet open in such a way that I can look into them. They are all slightly different in terms of the mixture inside, yet they are all complete in themselves.

I am sitting there because the sacks are full of needed energy, and they are being sold at a discount. I think perhaps I had better get one of them now. Something about how they look fascinates me.

They don’t look like they have held up well over time or they were shipped poorly; I’m not sure how they have gotten into this state. I move them around and they are open in a way that lets me see inside. Somehow I have got to find the one that is the least disturbed.

As I am playing with this, I take one sack and set it aside. I’m not sure yet. The more I think about things the more I confuse myself, so I am back there pondering over the other sacks.

I decide that as long as I make sure I get a full 50 pounds, I am going to get one of these sacks because the price is right. So I get a scoop and scoop one out of one of them, which is obviously going to cause one of them to be a little short. I am discombobulated about this because they are different mixtures.

Even though each sack has a different mixture, I’m less concerned with that than that I get the full contents. So I take a scoop out of one and pour it into another one. Once I do that, I can’t take the sack for some reason because now I have to get something to eat.

So then I’m in a food line with a bunch of other people. We all have to get something. We all rush the food line and the person serving the food stops us. We are told that because we all came at this person in such a rush that it will take a few minutes minutes for them to catch up.

So then I notice that the person serving us is not only handing out the food, but also taking the money for it. It seems that there was a certain amount of food preparation, but now this person has to catch up because he’s doing two jobs at the same time.

The guy in front of me realizes this and he reaches over the counter. It’s like there are baskets with bread and soup there. I see that there are only three baskets prepared, and the man in front of me takes one and puts it on his tray. He has gotten what he wanted and off he goes.

It looked completely fine to me. But now there are only two baskets left, and I am next in line. So I’m trying to examine them both. I’m wondering whether this is what the meal is supposed to be? Is this all the food I get?

Then I’m wondering if I should wait for more to be made up. Apparently, at some point, I settle for the soup because that’s when I wake up.

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