All is Provided

John: We are seeing again, in this dream (A Fair Share) from later in the same night, that the same dilemma is playing out. In A Dog and its Bone, I am detoured and distracted by an item of clothing while I am headed somewhere else. Now we see that I am trying to make distinctions between 50-pounds sacks of food powder, or trying to sort out what I should be getting on the food line.

In both cases I am unable to make a straightforward decision. In both cases the more I question things the further off-course I am going. I become the causer of stress and of things getting fouled up.

Basically what these dreams are showing is the fundamental flow of things, and within that flow there is great subtlety. To stay in the flow we have to hold onto the subtlety, not become entangled in trying to sort out the coarse details.

We have to recognize that what we are actually experiencing permeates everything. No matter how discombobulated, or strange, or different, or out of the ordinary the outer world appears to be, it is part of the flow of things, and it too is permeated by the subtlety.

So what we are experiencing is what the outer actually is. When we see it as differentiated from the flow, from the subtlety, and from ourselves – that is when we get out of balance and our interactions with it become draining to us, rather than feeding.

The dream is showing me that I tend to indulge myself, or try to sort things out, so that it all “makes sense.” Instead I need to recognize that something ancient is stirring up as part of the basic core of me, and that ancient thing needs to become a new alignment.

In my particular case, it’s not so much an issue of alignment, as it is an issue of clarity. So my actions in these dreams show me trying to suss it all out, which is an aspect of the feminine.

And I didn’t do a very good job of it, either. As soon as I worked out which 50-pound sack I wanted, the imagery switched to the food line. There was a point in the dream, as I am sitting there staring at these things, that I was pondering whether I should be eating straight from the 50-pound sack.

Part of me, however, realized that a 50-pound sack is an ongoing thing – it’s not just a meal. Soup and bread is a temporary thing. That realization somehow made me feel better – I think that’s when I got my food and moved on.

The larger aspect to this imagery is that I cannot be trying to correct things by adding to them. Anything that I try to finesse or to change, I have to leave behind. What is there, is there, and that needs to be okay. If I feel the need to add to it, change it, correct it, think about it, maneuver it around, understand what it is, then I will have to leave it behind, only to have to start all over again, but now confused because of what got left behind.

So this dream is showing the dilemma that we all face in this world. It shows how our experience of the outer world can become a state of delirium. Yet if we can just let it be, it will all be as it needs to be. It that way, all is provided.

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