Getting the Memo

Jeane: It was hard to wake up and pull out anything from my dreams. It felt like the dream I was having right before I woke up involved talking to a woman from the dream group.

I think she was going to move in with her mother and another woman, so there were two things that we were going over. One had to do with a type of medicine (a pill bottle) and the other had to do with something mixed up in a dish, like a copper pan that was set aside.

I was talking with her in an attic setting. It felt like I woke up from the dream, but then I drifted off again and had almost the same dream, involving some of the same elements. This time, however, there was also a man in it and the man was trying to get away from someone.

This version of the dream took place more outside and there was a girl helping him get away. She had been given a prescription for something but she had given it to the man, so she was going to write or fake another prescription rather than have the doctor write it.

I was having a lot of reservations about this because I felt like she was going to get in trouble if she did that.

John: In our recent dreams, we are both being shown issues that cause us to react in some fashion. A reaction is something that comes out from a lower center of one’s nature, from, more or less, the animalistic side. It comes from an area in ourselves in which there is no light. The angelic side in us is where the pure light comes from.

In the physical world, the first thing we learn to do is to react whenever anything is unusual, or awkward, or confronts us in some way and makes us uneasy. As a person gets a little more conscious, they realize that they need to quit doing those knee-jerk reactions because that just keeps them spinning in a cycle.

However, we can’t make that shift as a mental understanding; we have to take a leap in order to get away, because the opposite of our animal reactions is our light.

So in these dreams you are being tested to see if you can figure out how to turn to the light in each of those situations. That’s what is meant, to use an example, when the teacher says that he always has to have unconditional love for the student. He sees the student the same at the beginning as he sees them at the end.

When a teacher is confronted with an awkwardness or oddity coming from a student, the teacher responds by flooding them with light. Basically, it’s the opposite of what happens in the outer world.

If you are angry and you vent that anger toward something, then that something has to respond through its defense mechanism. But the teacher does the opposite. When something is out of balance, the teacher creates the mirror by flooding the student with light. Then he steps back in that capacity, so the reflection comes back upon the student.

A couple of things can then happen: The student gets it and immediately defuses it if they have a close enough connection to their own heart to be able to do that, or they get even more angry because they still need to vent, or the light overwhelms them to such a degree that what comes up is even more darkness – so they go from irritated to a kind of delirium state.

So the dream sets up this situation as an opportunity to see beyond the surface and recognize that you can’t get caught up in the outer. If you react, you are getting caught up; if you respond, then you are seeing deeper into the scene. Ultimately, reactions feed reactions feed reactions, and on and on it goes.

The imagery with the woman moving, and what that represents, are picking and poking at you. And your psyche brings in things like the medicine that causes you to flinch a little. From that you are supposed to realize that you can make a shift, and don’t have to wear yourself down in the triteness of it.

In other words, the prescription is like a certain order that is established inside of you in terms of how things are supposed to be. Somehow that order has gotten altered. A part of you knows that because of the way you are thrown around and reactive; you are very aware that you are basically not getting the memo.

The message is not coming through as clearly as it could. You know that that can lead to problems. This is again showing a misalignment, but the central idea is that alignment comes from turning to the light, rather than reacting toward the peculiarities that can just take you and throw you for a loop.

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