Back and Forth

Jeane: My dreams kind of plagued me last night. In the first dream I was observing a woman. She has been arrested for something that has happened. Everyone is looking at the scene, trying to figure out what has gone on.

One version of events is that she’s been arrested for something she hasn’t done, but that her husband has somehow set her up to look guilty. Another version could be that she has set it up to make it look like her husband set her up.

It feels like everyone is either trying to figure out how to get her free, or trying to figure out if she really did it. That’s the most I could pull out of that dream. It was very confusing.

John: The energy that is being portrayed in this dream fragment has to do with the mannerisms with which you attempt to shift, or adjust, yourself in relationship to what is happening around you.

There’s a feminine principle, or mannerism, that’s subjective. It tends to accommodate, or go along with, what is happening around it. It takes everything happening into account, and then sees what it needs to do to accommodate itself accordingly.

This is a process that can draw one’s attention outwardly, to the external details. The degree to which it does that can set off a constant need to reassess new information. It sets off a chain of events whereby you continually are noticing how things stand and where you are in relationship to the outward environment or scenario. As you move from your inner self into the external effects, you are more and more subject to being affected by outer events, rather than having your effect on them.

There’s a reason you are being shown this process. It’s depicting this type of jostling back and forth – it’s a certain reflection of an in-between mannerism. You are not quite able to “hear” the intelligence of what is occurring because you are not completely connected to the vibration of the situation.

The concept of moving away from the jostling and weighing of the evidence, toward a kind of knowing state, is often referred to as “traveling toward God.” The dream shows you are not quite there yet – you are still experiencing the back-and-forth process. You still show a need to keep a focus and responsibility toward what is unfolding.

The shift beyond this in-between mannerism is one where you become able to hold the vibration, or hold the connection, and don’t have to ponder the left, the right, and the up and down of the equation.

So, it’s a dream that’s showing that you’re still holding onto this. It is up to you to realize it in order to drop it or get beyond it. In other words, if you don’t notice it, or if you even accept it as being okay, then you will stay there and swirl around with it every which way it goes.

Yet if you note that you are being tossed from side to side and try to travel toward the connection or overall vibration, it can be the precursor to getting to the point where it all just falls away. Then you are connected and hear the single note, or however you want to say that, which pulls you completely into the vibration.

That vibration is the only vibration that one ever needs to connect into. It’s a linkage and a fluidness that we are all designed to experience as our way of going on. But until we reach that point on the path, whatever we come upon in life, we will have to be jostled back and forth and make our accommodations accordingly.

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