Being Guided, or Being Led?

Jeane: In this next dream, I’m much younger. I’ve gone to an auction of animals – it seems they are auctioning off a special breed of beagle. They are really cute, except what makes them special is that around their neck, in the area where they’d have a collar, they’ve got a blue patch of fur (it’s a really deep blue like on a peacock feather).

I really want to pet one of the beagles. One of them starts to come over to me, but the person who’s auctioning them off won’t let anyone get near them. They walk the dogs over this sawdust-covered area and there’s a man that keeps everyone from getting near the dogs.

I feel it’s kind of sad to be auctioning them off. One dog in particular I really want to pet but, you know, it’s a beagle. It goes along with the show.

Then it feels like I’ve gotten in a car and the energy just shifts.

John: This reminds me of a dream I had a while back in which there was a rooster that had a few bluish tail feathers, which would be unusual on a Plymouth Rock-type rooster. But that’s what it had; there was a certain glory or something to the rooster – a sense of flair.

Your image of the blue fur on the beagles indicates a type of dependency. When something is feeling dependent, and inclined to be dependent, it’s not able to be receptive to something else, even when that receptivity is a natural process.

Remind me of the earlier dream? I want to see how it fits in.

Jeane: The earlier dream concerned the woman who had been arrested. It was difficult to sort out whether she was guilty of something or had been set up.

John: So, in the first dream you’re involved in a commotion that you have to let go of. It’s a situation where you can’t complain about it, yet you are also unable to explain what has happened. The commotion is something that is imposed by you, for some reason.

And as long as you’re imposing it, you’re kind of trapped by it. It creates a bottleneck where you lose your independence. Your energy wants to be free, but it can’t quite get there yet. You could say that instead of being guided, you are being led, in a more linear way.

There’s a way of connecting with something as a knowing – instead you are struggling with the facts, trying to sort it out in a clumsy way. If you were being guided energetically by a sense of knowing, it would carry a freedom and joy and a natural flow.

This second dream is a type of counter image to the first. Instead of you traveling toward something – traveling toward god, and guidance, and knowing – you still need to be led. So the imagery shows the dependency of being on a leash, and your disconnection by not being allowed to even pet the beagle.

The images are indicating that you are not in a flowing state – you are not receptive to what is naturally there for you to receive. You are not “in God,” or in an energetic state where’s there’s freedom and fluidity rather than commotion.

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