The Inheritance

John: In this dream I’m back in my hometown. I’m being shown a small church by an old high school friend. He’s a very responsible type, but is very set in his ways, too. I’m surprised to see that the church needs cleaning up. What at first appears to be dust over everything turns out to be, on closer inspection, a type of fine chalk that’s gently falling.

There’s a minister in the church. As we are leaving my friend puts money into the donation box. I only pretend to put a donation in the box. The minister thanks my friend but says nothing to me. I wonder why I didn’t get thanked because, as far as I know, I did a pretty good job of pretending.

Then I learn that my friend has inherited the church. When we’re outside a young boy tells me that the minister had just arrived. For some reason this information seems to explain a concern I have.

I think I was feeling that the new minister needed to be more committed and eager, but he might just be adjusting to the new circumstance. Then it seems I am pondering the flow of the situation.

My friend expects an independent opinion from me and I am struggling to find the right words. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. He has inherited the church and has taken on the responsibility of it, which has to be respected. So I recognize the need to be gentle.

I don’t know what to make of the very fine white glowing chalk that falls from above like grace. At first it made the church seem a bit dusty, but now I now I can accept it as a predefined characteristic.

Suddenly I see a bunch of coasters (for drinks). Usually they are on the furniture, but these coasters are moving in the air. As soon as my eyes focus on one, it stops moving. My eyes are drawn to one that floats by in a flash.

There’s writing on the coaster. It says, “Albeit, this is a single need.” It gives me a good feeling and I take it to be a response to my misgivings about giving an opinion on the situation. Still, the whole thing strikes me as being a bit strange; something isn’t clicking. How do I venture an opinion about this?

I think the meaning of this relates to the choice of the image of my friend who, as noted, was very set in his ways. There’s an overall feeling here that there is a narrow view, and a lack of excitement. When the coaster appears with the message, “Albeit this is a single need,” I get it on some level that it’s not an answer to everything, just for this situation. So, in spite of how things look to me, my hesitation seems to fall away.

On one level, this is showing that some things are not my choice to make. My experience of it is that I’m trying to determine if this predefined scenario can be opened up a little. When I pretend to put money in the box, it’s showing that I’m not as fully committed to it as is my friend.

Of course, both of these characters are aspects of me, so I’m wrestling with how to open up and normalize a situation that seems already predefined in a way that doesn’t sit well with part of me. Meanwhile, the friend aspect of me is totally committed and ready to fulfill its obligations and responsibilities.

For the friend aspect, the situation is inherited – so the response is to just carry it on the way it was. My response is to say, let’s re-examine this. Perhaps it can be opened up. Perhaps there’s a way to expand it into greater overallness. I’m feeling that the energetic is too veiled.

In this way, the dream attempts a re-evaluation of inherited things, or inherited truths. And it shows an effort to open old ways up to greater freedom and joy, even though part of me may struggle with that and want to just carry on as usual. Ultimately though, it feels like we’re at a stage where there needs to be more freedom and joy in everything.

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