The Greater System

John: In the next dream, I’m talking to a person who is like a switchboard operator. His job is to oversee, as a facilitator, a flow that is occurring around him. He is providing a function.


He’s explaining how the system at this facility works. He says that it has a point-to-point network. As I’m talking to him, a person comes up and indicates that a new appliance is needed somewhere. The facilitator approves it; then he gives the go-ahead for the work. When the new appliance is in place, the man is to check back in with him.


Because this project is being done internally, there still has to be the customary markup on the appliance. That follows the protocol of the external world, and this facilitator can say yes or no to projects to keep the fluidity going.


Once an appliance is put into place, someone needs to check back in to determine that everything is appropriate in terms of the overall. That way everything is okay. There aren’t any flaws in the system to disrupt the continuity.


At one point another person comes in; she may be my mother. I should have stopped whatever it was that I was saying, but I try to complete the discussion with some comment. Yet in trying to do that, I realize it is pointless. That which has been systemized with the most up-to-date workings is functioning smoothly. There is nothing more that I can do to add to the scenario that hasn’t already been taken into account.


What is being portrayed by these images is a feeling of completeness, on an outer level. The facilitator has established that everything that is flowing in from the outside – people coming in for appliances – is being properly handled and routed according to specific protocols internally.

There’s also a deeper meaning: The facilitator says yes or no in order for the system to work smoothly, yet to the benefit and acceptance of everyone. It is making the point that any attempt to finesse something, or to exceed the design specifications, will set off unnecessary disturbances within the system.

What this says is that there is a Divine Plan at work. Even though there are challenges or barriers (getting approval, doing the work, checking back in) for everyone to overcome, it is that process that allows for continuity and a certain level of growth to take place.

The way the greater system functions – to have checks and balances yet also allow for growth – requires that there be a natural flow. This flow seeks to maximize inner potentialities by minimizing outer barriers as much as possible. That maintains the system for everyone as things proceed to the next phase, or growth, where something more is able to happen.

In other words, continued growth requires first that any resistance to it be minimized. That’s as true for a company as it is for a human on a development journey.

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