Your Attention, Please

Jeane: In the next image, we are driving along a pretty open highway to see the doctor. Ahead of us on the road one of those oil tankers pulls out – it’s very sleek and silver and glistens; it seems to be extra long. It is pulling onto the highway in an awkward way, taking up more than one lane.

We are observing this and you immediately slow down a little to let it get its bearings. Then you start to speed up to pass it, but realize that it still isn’t quite stable – its front end is weaving into our lane. We are far enough back to realize that we just have to slow down until the tanker gets its bearings.

John: So what do you think one should do? If one tries to pass it while the tanker is still weaving, that would create too much commotion and confusion, right? So this reflects back to the previous two scenes from earlier in the night that showed that new information was available to you if you didn’t overreact (see The Paradox and Mind-Ego to Mind-Spirit).

You are on the highway, on a journey, and now the tanker has pulled out, and it’s representing this new information (it glistens and shines). And as you said, it’s bigger than usual – the truck is taking up more than its lane.

What this is showing you is that you have to catch up to this new information in order to be able to have it function as a part of you in your outer life. There is a truth in spiritual pursuits that says, “You have to wait for things.”

In other words, the information is there in front of you, but if you race up to get to it before you are ready, you will create a confusing and potentially dangerous situation; the danger is caused by a disturbance that comes from you (if you are not ready)

So to access this inner information, which travels at a higher speed, one must learn to go at a quicker rate, yet in a manner that still holds onto the cadence of something inside. The higher self has this guidance for you, but you must be in a place in yourself to be ready to receive it. And that requires not being churned up in the confusion of the everyday outer world, but rather maintaining an inner quiet that keeps all the noise at bay.

It reminds me of the scenes in the movie Seabiscuit, where Seabiscuit is running along and just isn’t getting in the game; he’s not pushing himself in terms of struggling with something in the outer. He’s not reaching down and finding his heart.

The trainer, who knows the horse and knows what a racehorse should do, is asked how the horse is doing. And the trainer says, “He’s asleep.” Meaning he has not caught up with something. Then a catalytic event comes along to change that – to wake him up – and that catalytic thing is another horse running on the track. The presence of the other horse spurs something in Seabiscuit to dig down and find its speed, and then it runs like the wind. So the trainer says, “Well, it just needed something to get its attention.”

It’s the same scenario in your dream. The previous dreams showed that something new was there for you to access (the code word), but that you couldn’t get caught up in the confusion of the situation (the scrambled eggs). And this final imagery shows the information pulling out ahead of you and is challenging you to find the right speed to run with it – to access it.

This is the back-and-forth that constantly goes on between the inner realms and the outer realms in dreams. The outer realms (the real life type of imagery) arises to bring your attention to something. But the way most of us are, we overreact to the imagery and cause further disturbance (confusion) in the remainder of the dream. Instead, when the imagery of the outer draws your attention, if you wait and are quiet enough, the inner guidance will come through to you as new information.

So we can see that in the course of one night’s dreams you are shown the different aspects of this problem. Your higher self has to get your attention, and when it does, it can give you the next bit in the next set of images. In this way, dreams can help us resolve the inner issues that need our attention. But we have to be open and listen inside in order to take advantage of that.

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