John: The dream we last discussed (see The Gathering) is showing you that the way to try to grasp, or connect with, the overallness of life – a fuller dimension of life – is you have to be empty in yourself. And the way you empty yourself is to give up something inside – you offer it up. Basically the images are showing you do that by your attempts to “throw it out there.”

When you do that, by letting go of whatever it is that you are holding onto, it enables you to come out of that shell that is holding you captive. That is what you are practicing. The images are a visualization of how to let go of something so that it does not stick to you (the stubby pencil).

By attempting this release, you are opening yourself up so something greater that can come in. You are also recognizing that you need to connect to, or link with, more energy – that is the energy of the kundalini.

So, in effect, your efforts to release an aspect of yourself that you have been holding onto makes you emptier, and therefore more available, for new energy to come in. And that energy is part of the overallness, not just a different psychological mannerism.

The imagery is also showing that you are embracing an aspect of ownership and responsibility toward the process. You are making it conscious – then, rather than your inner aspects all being separate islands, they become parts of a greater territory, or possession.

It’s a very difficult thing to make oneself empty. Each of us is veiled in our own particular way. We tend to create our own conflict and harshness when we don’t recognize the psychological veils we have in ourselves, and we also don’t give allowance for them in others. That creates a condition where there is a lack of forgiveness, whether within ourselves or in our relationships.

Spiritual development requires that we let these veils go – it is the process that allows the limitless energy we are connected with to come through. Part of you understands this and you are practicing the way to do it. You have caught the idea that this is what it is all about.

You see our memories, our mannerisms, our psychologies are all elements that create a stickiness in us. If we experience something new, and our reaction is to say, “Oh, it’s just like that other thing,” our own stickiness has prevented the flow of what the new thing really is. We cut ourselves off from what is really going on.

Another example might be our anticipation or expectation of people or events. We approach an experience with a visualization that we have created from our own wants, desires, psychologies, and all the rest. When we get there and the scenario doesn’t match our visualization, we are disappointed. That is our own stickiness that has prevented us from having the real experience.

We shouldn’t be constantly making distinctions in our lives about all we come in contact with, we should be empty and allow the energy from within to flow into the circumstance. That way we are always connected.

In letting go of these points of stickiness, we become emptier in ourselves, yet allow ourselves to become filled with the energy and light of the overall. We, as humans, have to let that inner light fill us up.

In your dream, you are getting guidance from inside that is telling you that you have to break away from that which sticks, and learn to have a greater space so that more can be embraced and taken in. That is a huge step that is being offered to you.

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