The Throat Chakra

John: I want to talk about a recurring phenomenon, because it arises in my dreams and, in a different way, in my meditation – and it affects my daily life. Yet something about it still eludes me, or it wouldn’t keep recurring.

For example, in my dreams, I will go somewhere and experience a huge space inside. It’s connected to the ideas of overallness and emptiness, but I’m not able to stay there even though it’s very soothing. Typically, I revert back to a denser, more confined state which is a psychological mannerism in me.

The interesting part is that I’m able to experience recognition of the space – that’s very unusual. Other people may experience that space when they meditate, but I cannot. Yet I can get a glimpse of it in my dreams.

So on this spiritual journey we can reach certain depths through meditation, and by maintaining a conscious awareness when awake, and there are other realms that can be reached through dreams. Each of these processes can have transformational aspects for us.

So, in the dream that clarified these ideas for me, I’m going to a place that I can sense inside, but I don’t exactly know how to get there. I’m following a general impulse. I can sense the place, I can feel how wonderful it is, but inner psychologies prevent me from reaching it. I end up staying in a denser, more confined space.

There is a freedom to be had, but when that’s not realized, then the atmosphere takes on a distinct feeling of being shut down – repressive even. Awareness immersed in that space could cut through all of that.

So how do you talk about a space that exists like that, compared to the space that everything else seems to be functioning in? You can experience it, but you can’t really talk about it. There is a natural veil that remains.

On an observational level, everything remains veiled when I’m not able to touch this otherness vibrationally. For example, you have the speed of sound and you have the speed of light. The speed of sound is kind of where things are in the outer – things can speed up on a sound level and can get pretty acute, but it’s nothing compared to shifting to the speed of light where transfer can happen instantly.

In my dreams I feel I can connect to things at that speed of light, because our dreams are actually an aspect of light. But I can’t do it in meditation because at a certain speed I begin to get a pain in my throat that prevents me. I’m only able to get to a certain point and then my throat vibrationally tickles so much that I need to cough to relieve the feeling of it.

But I now know why this malady exists. It has to do with a feminine characteristic that is incomplete or imbalanced in me. It has to do with an aspect of forgiveness wherein a feminine aspect needs to forgive something on a masculine level in order to bring it down into groundedness. And the inability to do that causes this jamming in the throat; it keeps me from making the transition from sound to light.

In that, knowing is lost. The physical pain in my throat chakra veils the information from coming through. And the pain in my throat chakra comes from anger and frustration within me that is not being forgiven. Thus, I’m unable, in that moment, to connect the masculine side of myself with creation.

Said another way, the feminine must give something to the masculine and that’s impossible when this pent up anger, or failure to forgive, or however you want to say it, exists. Vibrationally it wants to come through, yet because it is blocked it builds up in my throat chakra to the point of pain. You could say the insight, or the emptiness that is needed, is being choked off.

That vibration builds to a crescendo in my throat like an airplane on the verge of breaking through the sound barrier – instead of a sonic boom (and success), I feel pain and lose the connection; I am returned to the slow and the dense, where the inner flow is veiled from me.

So what I have been experiencing is a blockage that’s caused by a slower sound vibration and, when this occurs, I’m unable to bring the light of clarity into groundedness. I’ve literally end up with this incessant cough in my daily life.

If this forgiveness were able to happen between my feminine and masculine aspects, I would be able to move beyond this and perhaps my cough would go away. Until I do that, I must endure the limitations of the throat chakra.

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