A Glimpse of the Spirit

Jeane: There are parts of this dream that are very vague to me, but here’s the part I remember best:

It’s nighttime, and I have the sense that I’m moving from where I live, so I have a pickup truck. But I’ve stopped at a lake to go swimming.

Now, I know that there are cabins nearby – someone I know lives in the area – so I’m quietly swimming in the dark. I’ve found a strange object that I’ve taken into the water with me. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it reminds me of one of those old globes you see that spins within a metal base. It’s about the size of a globe, with a frame part way around it, and it moves like a gyroscope. The frame is a deep bronze, a brown shade of bronze, and the top of the globe is somewhat flat.

I can look into it and it seems to reflect. It might be reflecting the stars, but I’m not sure. I find that if I take it in the water with me and put it under the surface, I can see different parts of it glow. It seems to show me where things are.

It’s such a fascinating object that after I emerge from the water I’m a little concerned about leaving it just anywhere, so I put it in the trees and bushes near the sand. That way, when I return, I can drag it into the water easily.

Then I am out on land, and it’s daylight. I have to go somewhere, because I’m in the process of moving. I run into two male friends, including my ex. So I have to take them to see the globe.

In order for them to really see it, I have to drag it back into the water so it will get luminous and show the stars and other places in it. The way it glows it’s almost like a companion under water. I didn’t feel alone when I was there with it.

After that the images are fragmented, but I have the sense that I have a dialogue with some women from our group

John: So, the dream begins at night and there are houses around this lake but everyone is asleep. You go out into the lake and swim around with this globe-like object that becomes luminous underwater.

In dreams, water represents the unconscious. In effect you are wading into your unconscious and you are with an object that has a certain light to it, that can show you things as if it is the cradle of it all, the center of it all. There’s aliveness to it. You are by yourself, in the night, yet you don’t feel alone, you are feeling a sense of peace where nothing can bother you.

It’s only when you come ashore again, and daylight returns, that you get back into the activity of life and you start to have to relate again; you have to report. You meet two male friends whom you want to show the luminous globe to. (You even end up talking to a group of ladies in the last fragment.) This is a way for you to report what you have experienced.

In the water you were bringing alive a consciousness, a light, from the depths of an unconsciousness. When you come ashore, it becomes less peaceful and the activity escalates. You are traveling from your unconscious back to your semi-conscious or conscious states. As you proceed, it’s like your senses became activated again and you begin to get caught up in the activities of consciousness. You start thinking about your responsibilities about the move and about relating to other people.

The two men show that your masculine side is able to catch up with what is being brought to light in you. You are freeing something inside. You are having an insight about the spirit energy within, which is normally unconscious. If you were to fully catch up with just a fragment of that energy, it would still be everything. It is the essence, yet you embody that as a feminine principle that seeks a closeness to what’s hidden in you – and all of a sudden you get it.

You recognize that you carry that. You carry that quality, that aliveness, and you can go and you can show others that. The globe showed you a glimpse of the essence of everything that we carry inside as a hiddenness.

So you found something – it’s not a nothingness. You haven’t quite got it to a nothingness yet. If you find “something,” then there still has to be something to report, and so you reported it.

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