Bringing it Together

Jeane: I’ve gone to the workshop of a man; his 19-year-old son is there. He’s been teaching his son what he does, but it’s not working out. The father seems disgusted with the whole situation, and the son is trying to break away.

I’ve been called in as a therapist. I try to talk to them, but the situation blows up a bit and the son leaves the room. The father isn’t a very good reporter – I can’t get a sense from him of what the real problem is.

I go into the main house and see the mother. Next I have to go to the local substance abuse center because I think they’ve done a report on him. It’s my impression that he sneaks into the center to use the computers, but he doesn’t actually go to any meetings. If he’s seen there, they will throw him out.

I’ve gone into a room where people are coming in for a meeting. One young woman used to be a client of mine; she looks up in shock that I’m at the meeting. She thinks I’m there for the AA meeting, but that doesn’t make sense to her.

I greet her quickly but then I have to go. I go back to the office looking for a particular man because I know that if he did a report, it will be very thorough. Next I go outside with a woman to talk about the report.

In the back of my mind I’m thinking that the problem is that the dad doesn’t get that his son is just 19. The dad acts like the son has dropped out of college or isn’t going to classes, but maybe he needs to recognize that the son doesn’t really want to work at home with him.

So, that was part of why I wanted the report, to help figure out what there was to work with. I do think that the dad’s expectations for the son to do what he did is part of the problem.

Then it feels like I get into a pickup truck with a couple, but at that point I’m waking up.

John: So your dream is showing you a gap, a disturbance, between the father and the son. There is a discrepancy over what direction to take or what work to do. This has to do with masculine aspects in you that should be brought together, but as we watch the dream unfold, everything spins farther apart.

It begins with your awareness there’s a disturbance between father and son. Very quickly the son leaves the room – so the separation becomes even deeper. You begin to look for reasons for this separation – drugs, age, etc. You’re thinking that there have to be records and files to show that.

The huge gap represents something in you, where you haven’t figured out what to do, and it lives in the masculine aspects. In the dream you are asking, what needs to be figured out? Are you caught in a fabrication of things? Are you drugged in some fashion?

But once the issue becomes separated, it just continues on its own. You could end up looking here, there, and everywhere for clues. It will just keep shifting. Once you go off from the initial point – they were in the room together at the beginning – of some connection, once you’ve broken the two apart, then all attempts to make sense out of them will keep you running around endlessly.

So it’s portraying a drama that you’re caught up in internally, and it has to do with how you perceive things. In the past, you had something of a relief valve in your outer life, where you could separate yourself, or shut yourself off, from things to make them more bearable. Now you’re not necessarily dealing with them in that way anymore. What you’re doing instead is you’re starting to go through them, image by image, and beginning to sort them out.

This imagery stems from the fact that there’s a linkage between father and son (masculine aspects) that you know needs to exist and, as long as that linkage doesn’t exist, then there’s this confusion. First it takes on one variable, then another, and another – there’s an infinite amount of that.

Of course, if you can just drop all the confusion, you know that there’s a natural connection between father and son that just can just be there. But once the gap gets to a certain point, before you know it, you won’t even remember what the darn thing is that you’re trying to resolve. The whole thing, once it’s on a spin, can just stay on a spin.

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