Airborne Identity

Jeane: In this first dream, one of the things I like to do is to get on an air mattress and float up in the sky, out over a large canyon and just relax – like someone would in a pool. I don’t have a sense that I can fly, but I’m able to get on the air mattress and float fairly high in the air. It’s thrilling to relax over a canyon.

In the next scene I’ve gone to see a woman friend who wants to show me some artwork her daughter has done. She’s very excited about a painting that’s free form with lots of colors.

John: The image of the air mattress is describing an aspect in your nature, almost a repository, that’s able to just let go in a particular way. You can float with that; it shows that you have the ability to let go or to just be with something. Then as you go to see your girlfriend, you’re moving to a situation where something more direct is taking place.

Jeane: So, I’m at my friend’s house and she’s waiting for her daughter to visit. I’m not sure if her daughter ever shows up, but my friend is showing me her daughter’s painting. She’s very excited and places a lot of value on it.

It’s a pretty painting. It’s large, free form style. I see my friend also has canvases that she painted, but they’re more formal, portrait-style paintings; she doesn’t value them the way she values her daughter’s painting.

John: So, what you’re describing, in terms of your friend waiting for something (for her daughter to come back), is a vibrational state in which you are hanging out in a void. You are holding a space in that zone, waiting for something to happen. Meanwhile, the creativity is being shaped and that’s the part you’re describing now.

Jeane: Next I decide to take my friend air-mattressing with me – I guess that’s what you’d call it. I want her to see what it’s like to float out over the canyons.

After a little while – I think I’m floating by myself now – a spy machine comes along. It’s a small, shiny mechanical machine that has little wings and it comes by – I can see it has a little camera and it’s spying on people.

This is really discordant; it bothers me because I’m just up there relaxing. Sometimes I ignore the spy machine, but this time I decide I’ve just had enough, so I capture it. I put it in a paper bag.

John: Do you know what the spy machine is?

Jeane: No.

John: That’s your mind.

Jeane: Oh, okay! I put the spy machine in a paper bag and then I go to work or maybe I go home with it and I start taking it apart. I’m not going to break it, but I see some things that are written there and I see that probably this particular spy machine isn’t a government machine. It’s more like a spy machine that a private detective sends out to spy on a wife of a football star that’s getting a divorce.

I’m looking around for the papers in it that tell me where it came from and where it was manufactured. I’m so annoyed at the spy machine it’s unbelievable. I take it to work with me in the paper bag.

At work I see that there’s a news crew in one of the offices interviewing someone, making a short film. I go over and get the attention of one of the reporters who’s not as involved in the interview. She has a headset on.

I explain that I want her to come to my office and see this spy cam because I really think something ought to be done about these machines. I will return it to its owner, because it’s not mine. I’m not going to damage it, but maybe a news article on it would help in some way.

John: So, this scenario is all happening inside of you. In other words, there is this quality inside of you that floats freely, but you also have to contend with the things that bug or bother you. When you are totally in the enjoyment of being able to float free, you are also acknowledging and recognizing the spy machine, which undermines the freedom. The spy machine basically represents the mind and its different characteristics.

But what you decide to do is actually very interesting. Usually the dreams that you have inside depict the traits that have to be sorted out and adjusted in terms of how one is. They are a way to realize what has to be quieted or put to rest in order to experience the full essence of this freedom inside.

Here, you have a different idea. You want to expose it, to publish it, to broadcast it. In other words, if you lay it out there for all to see, somehow or other, it’ll have to be reined in. It’s an interesting idea.

Tomorrow, we will continue with the unfolding of this dream.

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