Eye in the Sky

Today we continue with Jeane’s dream of floating on an air mattress (see Airborne Identity).

Jeane: So, as you say, my idea is to broadcast it. Well, the next day the reporter comes by. I still haven’t given the spy machine back because I’ve been examining it to see what it’s all about. I don’t want it bugging me anymore when I’m out there floating on the air mattress.

Well, the reporter is willing to devote a few minutes of the television interview to the spy machine, but then she wants to talk about what I’m doing with naturopathic medicine. I don’t mind, except then I realize that I work in a conservative medical setting and people might get upset because naturopathic medicine isn’t really what they’re about. Then I start thinking about making the spy machine people upset by going on TV with their gizmo.

Basically, I’m starting to feel less peace of mind. I’m wondering if this interview is really a good idea after all.

John: Actually, it’s quite a good joke. The reporter can be seen to represent what the depth of you is interested in. And the nature of a reporter is to try to get the inside story – to go beyond the spy story to the naturopath story.

Well, we live in a world in which the real story can’t be told. Everyone goes through the pretense of figuring out the truth – the mindfulness of the spy machine – but only the surface layers are revealed. However, your idea is to get it to come across in another way.

A nice aspect of this dream is that it actually comes to an understanding that’s fairly clear. Of course it may seem confusing to you, just like my dreams seem confusing to me, but there is a fairly clear end result.

We see you able to float on the air mattress; that’s what gives you what you need to feel and experience in a wonderful way, even though you’re contending with this spy machine plaguing you. Then you form a way to accommodate all that – by capturing the spy cam, and connecting with the reporter. And then you realize that this solution doesn’t fit with the way you have to be in the outer world.

So the way the things are for you in the outer world and the spy machine go hand in hand. And the way things are in your inner life is shown as the air mattress and the naturopathic approach – these two go hand in hand.

You can’t really talk about something that’s unspeakable – the air mattress quality. The only way it can be understood is through the experience of it. The real story is what that quality does in terms of shaping you, which leads to the naturopathic part, which one can talk about – and which the reporter is trying to open up.

So you have these octaves: the higher octave of floating on the air mattress, and the lower octave of the spy machine. You consolidate those two traits through the naturalness that you feel.

But what happens when you bring those qualities together in yourself, yet are unable to express them outwardly because the rest of the world lives under the scrutiny of the spy machine dynamic, only functioning according to their minds? A teacher says that a student progresses best when they get enamored of the process, embracing it without striving for end results. The mind of the world (the spy machine quality) tries to reduce things to what it knows; it’s always more interested in the end result.

The idea that the spy machine is gathering information to tell the story, and then the reporter digs toward a deeper story points to what is eminently meaningful – the process of a person experiencing and realizing for themselves. Ultimately, that’s what benefits them.

So, you’re going back and forth. In your dream you’re thinking, “Okay, I don’t want to divulge all this information about the mindfulness of things.” That is the illusion through dreams, and it’s showing that something is coming and looking at things from a higher, more speeded-up state. There is a more interesting story to be told, rather than just getting what the mind can make up.

You’ve got it right to begin with, and you know you have it right. The air mattress vibration creates a note in your nature. You want to adhere to that in relationship to the spy machine. It is your naturalness that can bridge these two polarities.

In other words, it’s bridging the inner and the outer. The consolidation of that is a state of naturalness that is reached by consciously getting beyond the confusion. It’s still aspiring to the air mattress state, but the best that it can realize is the naturalness.

That’s the thing that’s meaningful; that’s what needs to be communicated and brought forth. A part of you knows that, and that, in a sense, is even describing the process that goes on in our dreams each night.

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