Preparing a Space

Jeane: In this dream, I’m a man the whole way through. I work at an office where they are expecting an important woman to visit. They want to impress her. One of the things that I have to do is to prepare a room. I’ve gone over and I’ve swept up or vacuumed the floor. Then I leave to check on my wife.

There’s another man in the office and he seems to be at a beginner’s level. He’s kind of envious of me, and he doesn’t always understand how things work. I see this represented at the Xerox machine, which flashes lights as paper comes out of different levels, but this man is only able to access the lower-level trays.

John: So far the feelings and imagery you are describing, in this early part of the dream, are establishing the state that exists – it’s the current condition of things. In other words, this is the overall vibration as you know it. There’s a part of you that, vibrationally, wants to hold a space, or prepare a space, or be in a space, in a particular way that is conducive to something. In the process of doing that, you have to contend with the imbalances that exist, which is appearing as the other worker with issues with you and the Xerox machine.

The space represents something meaningful; the rest of the activity so far is an attempt to fumble to keep the space prepared and ready. Again, the space that you hold is crucial to what can come through, yet something is disjointed at what seems to be a “beginners level”; something lacks the clarity that is needed to bring it through.

But you are holding the space – that’s a type of watchfulness, or a type of listening. Your heart monitors that and can open things up. It can make something visibly clear, vibrationally, so that it can come across.

So this is the process you find yourself in.

Jeane: Okay, so my wife is with me now and we decide to go by the building where I cleaned the floor. I know the co-worker is around, but I decide to go back and double-check the room.

Well, he was supposed to come along, after I had finished, and put something on the floor that would make it shine. He did that, but he also sabotaged what I had done: he scattered black dirt on the floor so it would look like he did his job, but that I didn’t do my job.

I quickly get out a vacuum, realizing that I have to redo the whole floor so that the room will be ready.

John: Now what you’re describing is that in the process of you holding on to a space – and a vibration and the activities that can come into that space – you are continuing to hone what is coming through. Your understanding is becoming more and more clear; it’s a process much like polishing.

However, you still have to do your part as something gets polished. You can’t just let go. You have to go back and clean up something that didn’t get polished, or absorb what isn’t part of the thing. This is actually a very interesting image in terms of how the process inside works, from a technical view.

When you’re connecting at some depth inside yourself, you hit something and it touches you deeply. You are then supposed to put everything into that. If you polish it up to a particular degree and then say. “Okay, good to go” and just hang out, instead of keeping your focus, then that’s lacking discipline and discrimination and you’re apt to lose what you’ve connected with.

What you’re actually doing is dreaming how to hit a greater inner connection that can cause something to come out even more. So far, you are not doing your part in terms of consistency, in terms of the discipline. But the dream is showing you how you can improve that, and facilitate the process.

Tomorrow, we will continue to analyze how the guidance of this dream unfolds.

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