The Disruption

Yesterday we began looking at a dream as it unfolds – examining to see what it could tell us along the way, before we knew all the details. We saw that the early images established an important space that needed to be tended. If it wasn’t tended to properly, problems would arise (see Preparing a Space).

Let’s see where it takes us next.

Jeane: The room is clean again and the meeting can begin.

My wife goes somewhere else while I go to the meeting. It turns out that the person they are trying to impress is an older woman, but there’s also a young baby in the room.

Well, the child wants to play, and he holds out an object to the older woman. She’s very rigid looking – aristocratic in a way – and she just takes the object from the child’s hands and dunks it in a bowl on the table, as if to say, “We don’t do that stuff here.” It seems like a really mean way to treat the child.

I feel bad for the child. I also don’t understand why the bosses are suddenly catering to this woman. She doesn’t seem kind at all. Then I glance out the window and I can see an area across the road where there’s a building with a bunch of different terraced pools.

John: Very interesting – it’s shifting again. It’s getting away from you.

You see, earlier in the dream the space was prepared. But what wants to emerge in that space is being shut off by different mannerisms and attitudes. The woman is holding a quality that is at odds with what has been prepared.

After the space has been prepared, the feminine aspect should facilitate the space so that a recognition, or an appreciation, can arise. That can be fostered just by a quality of attention. Instead there is this rudeness to the small child, which is a disruptive action – a preventive action.

In other words, the polishing and the preparation was done, but the quality was lost before anything could be accomplished in the “meeting.” The rudeness or meanness of the action changes the vibration to something very different. You respond to that discordance, and then we see the dream is going to shift again as you look out the window in the distance.

When a dream shifts a lot, it’s like a type of clapping. You know how when something really, really meaningful is in the air, there’s this quickened feeling that’s very alive – it’s something you don’t want to disrupt. When people clap in recognition of something, it breaks up the atmosphere – it disrupts it in a way – allowing for things to go in a different direction.

In your dream, a part of you has gone through and recognized the quality of something that’s meant to be a particular way. The masculine aspect of you has taken the responsibility to polish the space, in a sense, for the feminine (the older woman) to emerge in the space.

Part of what the feminine is capable of in terms of flow, is to sense the overall but let drop what doesn’t fit or doesn’t quite work. The feminine can facilitate something that wants to come through from different levels (remember the Xerox machine?).

But if the feminine doesn’t do that, you end up with what is happening in the latter part of the dream. Things begin to not make any sense. It’s because things are still reacting, or acting out of control, when part of you should know better. Those aspects should be let go.

In other words, the space that was cleared and cleaned in readiness, is now being contaminated by itself.

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