Tending to the Connection

In the final section of the dream, the scene changes completely, yet the imagery reflects a similar inner process (see part one and part two).

Jeane: Then I look out the window and I see the building across the way has a series of terraced pools. There’s a row of them along the building and they’re all filled with water.

People can play in the in the pool areas, and I notice my wife in one of the pools being overly familiar with a man there. Well, you know, I better go do something about that. She and I are pretty free with each other, but it seems like a line is being crossed.

I had actually left a male friend with her, to be a balance; well, where is he? I go over to the pools and I come upon my friend first – he’s in one of the upper terrace pools. Why hadn’t he been keeping his eye on my wife, or at least been there as a balance?

Well, he’d gotten sidetracked with a little treasure box he had hidden in the wall. I pull out the treasure box to see what had distracted him; there was a foreign currency 20,000-note he had been given by another man. I looked at him. I’m upset because we had talked about how this currency would be devalued shortly.

Next I’m heading down to the lower pools where my wife is frolicking. That’s about all I remember of that dream.

John: That section is quite a dream in and of itself; it’s another way of repeating the earlier process.

The dream provides a fascinating look at how things work on an inner level. If we consider that a spiritual journey is, in part, a process of reconnecting to our higher, or inner, self, we can look at dreams as showing us where we have weaknesses (or strengths) in those connections.

So here we see you as a masculine character. And on an inner level, there’s a pristine part inside you that holds a masculine note. That note is a link and connection that’s hearable in creation. In other words, it’s hearable in the sense that a part of you is forever linked to creation.

But this note should be held in us in a conscious way – then we get the knowing and guidance that is available to us. However, when we drop this note (and most humans have dropped these conscious connections), what should be conscious in us becomes unconscious.

Then, rather than being a pristine note, the masculine aspect lurches from one type of role or association that we have in us, from a much denser, more ego-based perspective.

So your dream is showing that you have this note and this connection. In the first part you were tending to a space, a sacred space, where something new could emerge. You were trying to care for a very fragile linkage. This linkage is easily broken if one’s attention strays from the inner state that allows the connection to begin with.

That’s why the space was cleared, but what happened in the second scene was that nothing could emerge in the space because the attention wasn’t held. So that fragile linkage goes from consciousness back into unconsciousness, where it no longer connects to the note, but rather to an identification. So we see instead a woman who is short-tempered with a child, and your “wife” off in the pool with some other man, and your male friend having let you down in some way.

On an inner level, you are aware that this is a deviation and that it’s not sustainable. It’s not something that can be held onto – it’s an illusion, and it’s going to fall apart. Your higher self knows the difference, but when the linkage is dropped things get confused, and in the confusion you start fumbling about. When the connection is there, clarity can stream through everything in existence.

So there is meant to be a direct link, a thread, that goes all the way back through all of the levels of everything – all able to be there with you all the time if you are connected. That connection is subtle, and it needs to be maintained.

The dream shows you looking at this issue from a reverse perspective – from the masculine point of view – almost as a way of making it appear more clearly. However, that’s also a weak link right there because one is so used to identification and going off and getting caught in deviations. If the linkage gets deviated from, then the feminine goes into a state of being unprotected and lost and confused – into a state of amnesia.

Is it the feminine’s fault when she goes into amnesia? The feminine carries all that can possibly be awakened already in her nature. Yet if it’s allowed to go to sleep because there isn’t the linkage with the divine spark, then she gets caught in other kinds of activities and doings, and other types of identification.

Then the denser world of identification and separation starts up again. So, it’s interesting… You basically were able to tell the story from a step back – as a masculine way of looking at yourself. Then when you look back at yourself you come to the question of, “What is your role?”

Things can happen that allow the polishing, and then the clarity can come through, but what, then, is your role? Your role is to help facilitate the connection, so that you continue to let go of things. In the second section of the dream you were challenged over the fact that you weren’t upholding your role, you were lacking a discipline.

It is the role of each of us to learn how to make conscious our inner connections, and then diligently facilitate and maintain them.

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