The Cause of the Cause

John: In my dream I go into a building wanting to receive permission for something. I take it for granted that I will be given permission – the required process is just a formality.

I’m not sure what’s really involved, but I begin to realize that there may be more to it than I thought. My heart sinks when I’m told that I won’t be able to meet with the appropriate commissioners.

That had been my expectation – that I’d make a simple presentation and my request would be approved. However, I’m told that I will have to make my case before one commissioner, who is currently in another meeting, and that the decision will be final. At that moment I realize I’m not energetically ready to do this.

I realize that my casual approach won’t be appropriate – the situation will require a much more precise presentation. I am shown to an area with a desk to wait for the commissioner. I’m told I can use the desktop to set up any type of display as part of my case.

But I haven’t come with any props. I stick my hands in my pockets and find a small wooden box. It has a couple of small drawers; it’s just a square little jewelry box. It’s in a few pieces, so I have to put the drawers back in because then the box can accommodate a number of small bottles.

It is the small bottles that I need to get approved. They are different from what is currently available and need to have a stamp, or label, on them. This is the only prop I can come up with, this small box that’s all broken.

As I fumble about, I don’t find the glass bottles. I find fragments of things that are a replica of a glass bottle, but made out of a different material and out of proportion. I see myself trying to jam them into the drawers.

This dream is showing me a correction, or tuning, that needs to be made. It illustrates a kind of balancing that occurs between the masculine and feminine aspects. The feminine aspect has to do with the acceptance or approval, but it does so as a facilitator, or as a container. It has no opinion on the details.

It’s the masculine that knows whether something has the needed precision or not. But it can’t know that without the feminine facilitating that information coming through.

So, I needed a bit of tuning, because what I thought was enough to accomplish what I needed to accomplish wasn’t necessarily okay. It’s not the feminine role to determine the required precision. The masculine is the agent of change. The masculine has to determine if what is transpiring is in accordance with how things need to transpire.

In this dream the masculine is the higher self, akin to the world of divine command (with the feminine being creation itself). When something new is brought into the world (the bottles), the feminine accommodates it, but the masculine must be taken into account in terms of the requirements.

So we see that I’m ill prepared for this requirement. I do not yet embody what is needed to make my case before the commissioner. I am left hoping that I carry within me – somewhere deep down (in my pockets) – something that can touch the clarity and precision that is appropriate.

What I am to realize with this imagery is that there is a discipline required – just as in your dream yesterday where the connection required attention, or a form or tending, to keep it intact. Here, I must communicate to the person who will decide my fate in the matter, in a disciplined way.

The commissioner represents this masculine authority that can give the official stamp of approval to what wants to be brought newly into life. Again, it’s my masculine side that knows how something needs to be. Once approved, then the new thing can vibrationally permeate throughout creation.

Everything in creation (feminine) is awakened with masculine energy. The masculine can probe into the depths of the feminine energy. But it requires the discipline of being right with it, of being appropriate to what is needed. In this sense, the masculine offers a thread into this greater hiddenness inside of us.

In those depths it can come even closer to the cause of the cause, the root of the root. The bringing of something through, inner to outer, in the proper way, has to do with a greater precision in terms of how one connects inside.

In other words, you don’t just come up to a particular point of connection and treat it casually. It all has to be taken back to the sanctity of emptiness. That makes everything work. You go through an experience and the experience touches you. You are then meant to hold the quality of that in the heart (which holds the level of creation), and then you shift from that at some particular point and hopefully go beyond the images of a dream that flash or flicker, and bring it into the outer realms.

You connect into a place of something huge, where you get unlimited information, and then that information gets brought through, allowing you to see how it needs to be handled in order to maintain the new information – how you need to be to hold the new relationship you have attained.

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