Lying to the Heart

John: Last night I had a series of images. In the first image, I’m listening to a talk show on the radio. The caller is sharing his opinion with the radio host; it turns out that the caller is my brother.

As I listen to his viewpoint, I realize that the opinion he is sharing is not really meaningful; his concern and level of understanding is grounded in the dense outer reality where everything appears as duality and separation. My brother is sharing a viewpoint that lies outside of the true reality where everything is integrated and complete.

He shares his opinion as if it will fix the problem. The radio host indicates that the government is making a change to alleviate the problem being identified. My brother accepts the statement as if it is truly meaningful – I can detect a sigh of relief as he says, “Okay.”

The feeling is that the two of them believe that this proposed change could actually alleviate the problem. As the listener, I know that both positions are absurd, because I know that wholeness cannot be achieved with a physical solution alone. To pretend or believe otherwise is lying to the heart.

What these images are showing is the confusion caused by identifying our reality with the vibration of the material world. It’s the curse of our collective consciousness that we settle for a world that offers no meaningful satisfaction to the true processes of life.

The images are suggesting that until people (my brother and the radio host) let go of their sense of separation, i.e., stop basing their world-view in their individual identities, there can never be meaningful solutions to our earthly problems.

Solutions based solely in the physical, where generally money is used to solve problems, are doomed to be short term band-aids because they aren’t taking into account the wholeness of life. When we view ourselves as separate from our environment, separate from the universe, and separate from each other, we are stuck in the densest, most ego-based, view of life.

From that perspective, we can only see solutions that satisfy our needs as separate beings and, in fact, further deepen our isolation from one another by continuing to perpetrate the fraud. To let go of that sense of personal separation we must go through a kind of self-annihilation that can remove the veils we have raised between us and what’s really going on. Then we can see what is truly important and embrace an experience wherein the heart touches all of life. That experience incorporates our higher self and unites us energetically with everything.

Only through our connections to our higher consciousness, inside, can we extricate ourselves from the denser reality we currently perceive. There, the heart is able to access the knowing guidance that we all have within. Until we make these inner connections, the guidance from the heart falls on deaf ears.

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