A Quality of Consciousness

Jeane: In the first dream I had last night, you’re installing new switches in the house to control the lights. What you install is much more complicated than we need, but the system seems to be able to track a person.

It seems to be tracking a person I know who is traveling through the wilderness of Alaska – it’s a great capability. The problem is, when I want to change the lights in the house, it’s much too complicated. What we need for the house should be quite a bit simpler.

John: This imagery actually addresses an aspect of what I’ve been dealing with myself – taking account of the bigger picture. (Whatever goes on in me is simultaneously effecting you, and vice versa, because of our connections. We are mirrors of each other, in a way.)

So the question is: can we keep track of the bigger picture as things unfold? If I am tracking the big picture, you have to be able to absorb that, or bring it into balance for us. That supports the process. It’s as true in the outer world of our relationship as it is between the masculine and feminine energies within us.

So the dream is showing a particular stage or step in this process that illustrates having to perceive the bigger aspects before one has caught up with the picture at the microcosmic level, i.e., the new switches work better for tracking someone in Alaska than they do for turning on and off the lights in the house.

I’m actually starting to think that to even entertain an idea requires that we also bring something through – we bring something into life along with it. Or, in your dream, I entertain the idea and then you must somehow bring it through. To entertain an idea means that it’s somehow already within the cosmology, or ordained unfoldment, of the soul.

But to properly see it, it needs to be brought all the way through. Your dream is showing that that part of the process isn’t fully functioning yet. The macrocosm hasn’t come all the way down into the microcosm. Or, the energetic of it hasn’t come fully down into the material world.

When you have switches that effect things in the whole, you have to completely and totally know what’s going on in terms of every component of the world soul. It’s easier to look at it and think of it as individual characteristics, but when you blend the microcosm to the macrocosm, you’re then talking in terms of the world soul, even though specifically you can break it out in terms of how it affects this or affects that.

Everything has a design to it. If you overstep the bounds, and reach outside the design parameters, then you’re saying that you’re able to perceive the design – or the “Will” – as it is intended and formulated inside yourself. The dream shows that you’re seeing that, which probably means that one can catch up with that at some point. But at this particular point in time you (“you” meaning me, too) haven’t caught up with the ability to see the reflection of what is truly meant for us.

In other words, to be able to effect the switches of others is like saying that you see their soul and know their destiny. Well, if you see their soul and know their destiny on the macrocosmic level, then you also see the world’s soul and so you have a knowing about what is coming into life. You’re in tune with that and you adjust yourself accordingly.

We are capable of doing that and, as the dream is saying, we haven’t even caught up with knowing how to handle things on a conscious, microscopic level. We don’t yet see the subtlety and nuance of the Divine on the microcosmic level.

So even though that ability may be sitting there as a soul trait, to be able to catch up with the switches of things on a macrocosm level can’t happen until it has been brought through; until it’s lived, until it’s mirrored, until it’s us on a microcosmic or physical level as well.

Ultimately, the outer realms and the inner realms are the same. At some point they come together as reflections of each other. You can’t have the higher self awakened, and a complete abomination going on in the lower self. They have to align. They have to come into cohesion. They have to portray one and the same reality.

The quality of consciousness that has to be there for this to occur is something like this: Whenever something happens, there has to be an immediate recognition of how that particular thing that is happening has something to do with the whole. Everything always has to do with the whole. We still see things in terms of how they effect us or how we are at the time. We don’t yet see how it has to do with the overall.

To still see it the way we see it is to still be traveling towards something. To be able to see it in terms of how it is in the overall, automatically – to be able to turn the switches on, so to speak – is to be able to see the whole on all levels at once, including the microcosmic level.

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