Down to Earth

Jeane: This next dream starts in outer space. I’m in one spaceship and there’s a commander in another spaceship. There’s a problem that needs to be communicated to the commander, but it must be done in a way that can’t be heard by the other people on my ship.

I manage to send signals to the commander of the other ship on a secret channel and we start to communicate about what is going on. But our signal gets disrupted. Next I have to try to communicate the message through people on the planet.

On the planet there are both earthlings (us) and aliens, and one of the abilities of the aliens is that they can make themselves look like us. They can take our place when they want to prevent us from doing something.

It’s possible for one of the aliens to take me over – to look like me – while I would actually be taken away and hidden so that the report I was going to make wouldn’t be heard. This happens at least once, and then a second time I’m taken to a prison.

I’m taken to a room where I’ll be contained while a woman who is dressed exactly like me in a uniform will go and make the report, but no one will hear what I was really supposed to communicate.

I’m held in this room with some other people, including another alien that took over the person they thought they were holding there. Somehow, someone overpowers the alien that was impersonating me and brings her back to the room and I go out into the world as though I’m her. Now I can make the true report.

The female alien begins to look more like a man, and she thinks she can escape from the room. She thinks she is going to be helped by another person there, someone everyone else thinks is an alien as well.

Instead, the female alien is recognized as someone the others in the jail have wanted to punch out for some time, and so they do, but it happens in a humorous way, like in the movies. So she’s not going to get out of that room.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering, as I go to make my report, why did the aliens help me? One of them has taken me to their home. They were impersonating someone and had lived in a house on a hillside. They’re showing me the house, which feels kind of dead now. It’s like the family has died, yet, being aliens, I guess they’d had some people impersonate the people that have died.

They can look just like us and go through the motions, but I realize that these aliens have finally understood that that wasn’t the same as having the real experience. But they didn’t want to impersonate us anymore; that’s why they’re letting me go make my report. They’ve learned to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t.

John: It may seem surprising, but this dream does the same thing as the earlier dream: You begin at a macrocosmic level and then bring it down to the microcosm (see A Quality of Consciousness).

Tomorrow, we will look at how this dream progresses the inner processes begun in the first dream.

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