Close Encounters

In yesterday’s dream, Jeane was abducted by aliens. Not to worry, she’s safe. But the aliens do have a message for her. (To follow this thread completely, see A Quality of Consciousness, and Down to Earth.)

John: So just like in the prior dream, you begin this dream at the macrocosmic level and then bring it down to the microcosm.

The first dream depicted the macrocosm in the form of light switches that could have a much greater than normal effect – even track a person – but that had difficulty in working the lights in the house. The question is: how can that greater capability be grounded? In that dream, you weren’t able to bring the macrocosm through to the microcosm.

In this second dream, you begin in outer space, and by the end of the imagery you are in a single home on the planet earth. So you are going through the same process again with a different set of images.

In this particular case, you may not be the commander of the ship, yet you have a certain knowing that needs to be communicated. This knowing is a direct link – it comes from god, or the world’s soul, or however you want to name it.

You start off trying to communicate this knowing through secret channels, but that is disrupted. Then you try to bring it down through the levels, from higher to lower (from space to earth), and it keeps getting more and more convoluted – even the aliens can’t tell who is an alien. The images get more convoluted because you are sensing that there are gaps between the knowing state in you, and your ability to bring that through into your conscious life. It’s not a smooth, clear path.

In other words, as you pull things down into the microcosm of life, you’re losing the big scope that accesses the universe – you’re moving away from a vast sense of knowing, almost to a state of amnesia. You aren’t sure any longer what’s going on.

The imagery becomes a complete maze. Who is an alien? Why are the alien’s helping me? Somewhere, deep inside, you know that you’re beyond this (you have accessed the knowing), but you’re not quite beyond it in your ability to let it through, and so you see yourself in a state of delirium.

There’s quite a difference between the beginning and the end of the dream. At first you could bypass the normal channels and inflect a knowingness – seemingly non-verbally – all the way down and back to something. As you get more into the dense, physical aspect of things, you begin to have to deal with the peculiarities that seem to separate, and that have different interests and agendas.

That’s why they’re aliens. Things seem alien to you, and you feel lost, in comparison to your earlier state of connection.

The greater the degree to which you’re able to communicate all the knowing through, on a vibrational level – without the deviations and “drop-outs,” so to speak – the greater the degree of “soul wholeness” you are inflecting into your life. And that’s a natural state for a human being, to be a conduit into life for the overall.

So it seems that you are getting closer – you did escape the prison and in the end you are being helped. And the message they have for you is about distinguishing the real from the unreal, about real feeling rather than going through the motions of life. The more you are able to bring the macrocosm of knowing into the microcosm of daily life, the closer you will be to experiencing what is real.

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