Kiss, Chase, Earthquake

Jeane: This dream starts out with me running around with some friends or cousins, everyone of different heights. They’re all young boys except there’s one little girl cousin who’s like a little spy.

As we run around chasing each other, there’s a whipping motion, as if we form a single movement and the person on the end gets flipped up off the ground.

I’m not sure exactly why we’re running around, or what the chase is about, but at one point one of the boys and I want to find somewhere so we can kiss. We keep trying to run off, but the others keep calling attention to what we’re trying to do. We end up staying far enough ahead so they can’t catch us; we finally get our kiss.

Then, of course, they catch us. Then I spin off with a young woman in the group who comes up to me and we run off together. In fact, at one point we go outside and she wants me to give her a really light kiss. For her, that’s the most perfect kiss she’s ever had. So now we’re supposed to run off together, which is a little confusing to me. Before the others can catch up with us, we run off.

We pause at a fountain. There’s a little stand with a man behind it who likes to laugh at everything. We have to stop and do something for him. At that moment, the girl I’m with becomes more like a grandmother. Then she becomes her age again.

Next there is a shift and I’m in a car and trying to drive away. Suddenly there’s a big cliff above me on one side, and I see rocks falling and cars being thrown around because there’s a huge earthquake. I’ve run up against the cliff to a place where some rocks are jutting out.

My car has become smaller and I’ve tucked it under my arm to pull it up against me under the cliff – because the rocks are falling in every direction. Then everything just stops and people get out of their wrecked cars.

I haven’t been hit by any of the rocks, so I go over to where there’s a little bit of open roadway left where I can ride the car. I drive up to a newspaper office. I realize there’s some information I have to get to my grandfather, or father, who runs the newspaper.

It’s important. It’s like an edition where everything has all been printed on newspapers and I have to get it to him. At the same time I’ve suddenly collected a bunch of people including some kids that I have to fit in my car.

When we go to get in the car, there’s a group of dogs there, too, and there’s one little dog trying to mount another dog, even though they’re both male dogs. I have to break up the dogs, get the kids in the car, and take off.

We’re on a mission to get this information to my grandfather and I realize the police, or other people, are chasing us. They’ve realized what we are doing and now they’re going to catch us. We’ve all ducked down because there’s a light in the car I’m having trouble turning off.

Because we’ve all ducked down, somehow the kids end up driving the car while I’m trying to turn off the light. Then I see a big metal gate – like the bar that comes down when you’re going across railroad tracks. This gate comes down right behind our car. Obviously they’re in on the chase, but we’re still a little ahead of the trap.

Next I go down some steps with one or two others – like steps to a train or the subway – and I’m even taking the car with us. This seems absurd to me even in the dream. The group I was with has dispersed, and I’m back with the person I started with earlier in the dream.

We get down to the tracks and there’s one of those old rail cars that you have to pump to make move. It’s loaded with the newspapers that have to get to my grandfather. The laughing man has shown up and he’s helping un-bale them so they can be put on the train. I realize that even though he likes to laugh a lot he might be part of the people who are supposed to blow up this information before it can get to my grandfather.

My solution is to tell him that I’ll let him blow up some of the papers, and we’ll take the rest, which also have the information my grandfather needs. When he blows them up, he can go off and still be free to laugh or whatever he likes, but we’ll have some of the papers on the train with the information to give to my grandfather. That’s when I woke up.

This dream is exploring the cadences of the inner and outer life and the balancing of the masculine and feminine, and much more. Tomorrow we will see more clearly what has unfolded.

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