I’ve Got Rhythm

The following discussion is an analysis of the dream described in Kiss, Chase, Earthquake.

John: That’s quite a journey you went on! And I think the important theme of it is about staying attentive to the condition and the state that you’re in. In other words, at some point you become aware of the process that is occurring on the path that you are on. You do this, of course, to be able to see and to recognize what opens you up, and facilitates a natural unfolding, versus what may prevent it.

To begin with you find yourself in a scenario in which everything is going at a particular pace and there are young people whipping around. So what is available to you at the beginning of the dream is a fresher, livelier, quicker, overallness of yourself. Whenever anything speeds up, you then have to figure out how to put it into a cadence within you, based on how you see yourself.

That’s to create the inflection that will allow it to carry through. So you kiss the boy and that opens up something and increases the speed, which causes the dream to take a different course. All of it can’t catch up with you yet, which means you have to develop the other part of yourself (the feminine part) – so you kiss the girl. You’re flip-flopping in a way; the images are creating a roller-coaster effect.

Then the scene switches to a deeper part of yourself, to a state inside that’s grasping events with more acuity, in terms of you finding a balance or rhythm. What’s interesting is that I have to be careful in how I describe this because the tendency for me is to describe it as if you’re dealing in something that streamlines, but that is a more masculine perspective.

You are coming at it from a more feminine perspective, so in your case it’s about a rhythm that has to do with how you take things into account, or how you feel things, in an overall way. From a masculine way of saying it, it’s easier to try to see it as streamlining, which sorts everything out by saying “yea” or “nay,” up or down, or stop or go. (That’s how my dreams often work because they have that trait to them. The feminine is more grounded, the masculine is more up in the air.)

So your dreams deal with a slightly different listening center that tends to pull things down and look at them in terms of how you carry information – how you bring the information back and forth, or hold onto the information. It’s concerned with whether you can be nimble enough with the information that you can carry it through in a way that you can them embody it, or sustain it into your life.

The car in the dream represents you, and here it depicts how you’re catching up with that sense of self in your relation to the outer world. You barely get on the road before there’s an earthquake, and then the car is something that you can pick up and carry. So your sense of self isn’t strong – you’ve got a “little” car. It’s small, it needs protection, and it hasn’t unfolded like it needs to unfold.

You are meant to have more power than that. You’re carrying something that has tremendous depth and strength, and which can stand up against everything that comes at it. But you feel the need to protect it, although, eventually, you realize that you can start taking things into the car and you pack it full of people and find a clear stretch of road.

So your sense of self has strengthened, so the next problem becomes one of doing, of acting in the world, because what you are bringing through is all so much bigger than you realized. And that sense of being overwhelmed arises in the image of male dogs mounting male dogs, the interior car light that won’t go off, and the people chasing you.

What is being asked of you, or required of you, is for you to sort this out. You need to be able to discriminate from among the things that life is throwing at you, exactly what it is you want to carry in the car (you) with you. It’s the same discrimination that is required in waking life.

So that imagery is a type of yo-yoing again, but now it’s a back-and-forth on an inner level, whereas before it was more in the outer realms. In the outer realms you need to navigate the ups and downs by understanding how something is affecting your overall feelings. On an inner level, it’s more about keeping balance and staying in rhythm, because more has been added to the mix than what you began with.

See Part II of this analysis tomorrow.

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