Being Fascinated

Jeane: In this dream, I’m with my sister and we’re going out to dinner with two women who are the daughters of a woman that my father has started going out with. We haven’t met her yet.

Then it seems as though we get to meet her sooner that I thought we would. I have taken her aside because I want to speak with her. I like her, but I have some concerns that they’re moving a little too fast. That was the first dream.

John: Okay, so you’re anticipating that something is going to happen. That’s what that image is pointing to, but I can’t tell what that might be.

Jeane: Then I had a dream where there is a scene in a courtroom. It feels like it’s a British court, except that they aren’t wearing wigs. The judge sits up on an elevated platform and there is a series of benches set below that.

The courtroom is filled with people of all different ages. I’m in the courtroom with my small dog, which I’m holding. The dog is really eager. There’s one bench in front of me before the stand where the judge sits, and my dog has put his paws up on the back of the bench. His mouth is open and his tongue is hanging out a little because he’s just so excited for the whole courtroom experience.

This doesn’t seem to bother the people on the bench in front. I’m not sure how the judge will feel about it, but the judge seems to be fine with kids and the dog and everybody in court.

There is a recess and we go out, and then I realize that when the court reconvenes there’s going to be a new judge. I’m standing at the back of the room, looking for a seat. I realize that the benches are filling up and that the dog is going to be upset if I don’t get a seat up near the front again. It would be great to get within a row or two of the front. That was the second dream.

John: The first dream has a sequence of something getting set up to take place, and that thing points to a breakthrough that refreshes one’s nature, or that refreshes the atmosphere of the overall way of life, the overall conditions around oneself.

The second dream has to do with a quality of one’s animal nature (the dog), and it’s showing an eagerness and excitement to place itself in a position where it’s able to take in what it would ordinarily not be allowed to do.

And it is able to take it in because it has a certain kind of eagerness and excitement to its nature; it’s able to take it in in spite of appearances. That goes along with the first dream in which what is taking place is also something that defies appearances (or common sense appearances), but both dreams have the same sense or feeling to them of a quality that lightens something up, that frees something up, that expands something, that opens up an ease in the energetic.

You might say it’s like a natural highness in the energetic – the natural highness being something that takes place that opens and rejuvenates something in an exciting way (imaged as your dad and all of that transitioning). Then the excitement is something that pulls you forward in relationship to a part of yourself that’s eager to see what happens next. That causes you to step into an area you don’t ordinarily choose to tread. And you do that more or less out of a sense that is a fascination, but is also an excitement.

I’m trying to think of what that is characteristic of as another kind of example in the outer world. The only thing I can think of is when I did something foolish once in a courtroom where I was defending myself and I didn’t have a prayer’s chance of succeeding. But I had an attitude and an energy that was such that swept something up, that caused a recognition to occur that was refreshing and amazing, even though the case was already a done deal.

It caused a certain freedom in my nature, which the judge even acknowledged afterwards when he called me over and said, “Whatever you do, don’t ever get rid of that attitude” (the frame of mind or an exuberance or an excitement). He saw that as an amazing thing – probably going up against something where it didn’t matter what I did or said.

However that mannerism made an impression. I remembered at the time the judge snapping to a state of attention as I was going through the presentation because there was something about the way I was coming across that was making a lot of sense.

So, this dream is expressing something like that. A dog going into a courtroom and being able to be there and be accepted just by the nature of the way the he is able to carry and conduct himself pushes him ahead of the more usual folk that fill the place but are doing it more as spectators.

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