Room to Grow

John: Well, in my dream I find myself in what turns out to be a new house. I don’t remember the details of having gotten the house, all I know is I hadn’t been in it long and the person who had it before me is now gone.

I don’t know anyone in the area, but in any event, I’m working in the backyard and because everything is so new I’m not sure if there is anything that I should be paying attention to about this place.

As a consequence I don’t notice what’s happening in the front yard. For whatever reason, maybe it’s an annual thing that they do, or it was scheduled, but for some reason a tree pruning company comes in. They have three or four workers and these great big cranes that reach way up in the air. They begin pruning the front yard trees.

They cut them way, way down so that they’re not much more than sticks protruding about 12 feet from the ground. They just really whacked them down. As I walk out and see this I’m wondering what happened, and then I realize, well, this must have been something that was previously arranged because obviously I didn’t call this company.

They have now over-pruned what I thought were beautiful trees. So, I’m standing there not saying anything, knowing that I didn’t ask for this to happen. As I’m staring, not sure what to make of it, a bit in shock, the main tree cutter comes over and he says, “Don’t worry, maybe not by this summer, but by next summer, they’ll be thriving again.”

Then he goes on to say, “As a result of cutting the trees back like this, when they do come back they will be twice the size that they were before in terms of how they fill out.” I don’t know whether I accept or believe that or not, but it’s what I would like to have happen, that the trees would have a lot of foliage and beauty that protects and secures the yard.

Now the yard has really been opened up and made almost naked. However, if it fills back in in terms of what’s been cut and pruned, I guess it could be worth it.

So, the meaning of the dream is that I am being worked over and, as it’s happening, to the degree that it’s happening, this is what is designed and destined to be. It’s preplanned, so I don’t have a lot of say in it. When done, the pruning will have hacked away much more than I would have imagined. Still, the net effect in the future is that they will come back in a much improved way compared to if they were left alone.

I was trying to catch up with what imagery was happening just before this dream, but the only thing I could do was catch up with the vibration. It goes something like this: To be able to accept such a radical pruning, I must make a transition inside myself that is uncharacteristic to my nature.

I’m trying to describe now what that felt like. In a way, I must go into unknown territory – I must shed some of my current growth to make room for a fuller flowering in the future. That growth is characterized by me being able to take a step that is uncharacteristic to my basic nature.

It’s saying that I need to abandon certain aspects of my daily goings on, or my regular patterns and psychologies. New growth can only be achieved by trimming away the old, and making room and allowance for the new.

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