Let Them Eat Cake

This exploration is a continuation of the dream that began with The Wounded Bear.

Jeane: So, like I said, we’ve gotten away from the bear, or the bear has died again, and we’ve gone into the house of a friend of my mother.

John: The bear died again?

Jeane: Yes, the hunter or somebody took care of it.

John: How did it die?

Jeane: A man took care of it. The hunter never came alive, some other man that was…

John: And the bear kind of came back but then it died?

Jeane: It felt as though once I had gotten the child safely inside,  the bear had been dealt with or had died – I’m not sure.

John: So the bear has, because he was mortally wounded, touched some aspect that has awakened – that’s new – and has placed that essence into man (through the child). This is what used to frighten the Indians, because the bear could have an effect that could change their way of being, and that change was impossible for them to gauge. So the bear, mortally affected by man’s nature, has awakened and passed on an aspect of that to the child. So what else?

Jeane: So the house is owned by a woman who is a bit on the vain side. She’s entertaining some women, and she’s made these really elaborate cakes for everyone. Each woman seems to have a cake and the frosting designs are big elaborate flowers that are flame red with orange and yellow mixed in. Each cake has a different design. The woman is very preoccupied with these designs, so she can’t really hear anything I say about the child or what we went through in escaping from the bear.

John: Okay, so, this woman is basically connected to what she’s doing with the cakes, and in that way she’s able to touch aspects of other people (her guests). She really enjoys being able to lay out what is really a type of chemistry before the people there.

This represents an aspect of what’s unfolding. These are the people of the time and place, so to speak. The awakening, or the epiphany, has already occurred – that has been ladled into the child, and what that is will have to be brought together later in terms of how its effect manifests.

But now you have the wisdom of something that can work with souls, or work with other people, in terms of the chemistry – each (cake) being slightly different, each one tailor-made to the realization of their own soul quality uniqueness.

This is, again, building towards something. I mean, we haven’t brought the part of what happened to the child back in yet.

Jeane: Now this woman, when she stops being preoccupied with her frosted cakes and feeding them to people, finally seems to hear whatever it is I’ve had to say about what happened. This must have touched her because she was not a women to give things away easily, yet she suddenly gifts me with several hair combs. They’re painted hair combs like you see in other countries with elaborate designs on them.

I’m touched that she gave these to me because one of them is exactly like a hair comb that my mother had. I take one of the combs and I use it – I have very long hair in this dream. I pull my hair on top of my head and secure it with the comb.

Next I’m going to tell my mother that I’m touched that her friend gave me these combs that were so much like the one’s she had. That’s that first dream.

John: In the dream, you’re linked to the child, and you have brought some information, or effect, across that pulls together how this woman is meant to work as an aspect of creation. As a link, your role is like being able… this is back to this facilitator quality that you have where things can flow and ebb through you.

A woman’s hair is her glory in terms of the Creator, and you’re given a means to be able to appreciate or to be in touch with that glory. You share that now back with your mother because it shows again a very subtle quality that is linked together through lineage.

What’s more in terms of the child hasn’t been covered yet. I wonder if that’s going to come up in the next dream?

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