Inner Workings

Jeane: I have a short dream where I’m traveling in an open Jeep with a woman. A man is driving and there is luggage in the back. We’re trying to get somewhere, but the route we are taking is through the woods and very dark. I’m trying to show him where the road goes but he’s kind of impetuous.

Suddenly the Jeep gets out of control. The man hits the brakes in such a way that the woman flies out, the luggage breaks open, and she ends up landing upside down in the luggage. Even I’m in a ditch.

I’m concerned that she’s broken her neck, so I go running down to where she is and put my hand under her neck and tell her not to move. She opens her eyes and gradually I help her get out of the pile clothes and luggage and she’s actually fine. She’s able to go on.

That was the second dream.

John: Such a mystery! These variables between the first dream and this one, each layered on top of the other, are all correlated and meaningful. They are indicating that some sort of change is afoot. The change is actually occurring and already in existence, because the imagery is very condensed, with each element having its effect in terms of how the next part plays out.

In other words, it’s very, very dense, yet at the same time it’s also pretty banal. It almost feels like a sloppy portrayal of an energetic transition. But what it is portraying is extremely meaningful, and it can give us an insight all the way through into the inner plains.

With dreams, even imagery that seems rather trite can carry great meaning, if we are able to see how it is a reflection of an inner process.

Back in the first dream (The Wounded Bear), the child is the most important aspect. Whatever was transferred to her from the bear has not yet awakened, but you are aware that something has been transferred. The bear got close, and you provided the safety in getting the girl inside. So reflectively, the change that is afoot is already having its effect – it’s safely inside.

I remember telling a spiritual teacher a dream I’d had about the future, and he was able to say one thing to me about it, but he himself was able to see a higher aspect of linkage in the dream, and that caused certain inflections to occur in him.

What occurred in him was then able to get communicated, or opened up, in a way that I could catch up with it. That’s how all of these aspects get pulled together, and that’s the way the teacher gives the student what the student needs.

The student doesn’t know what he needs, yet by telling the teacher the dream that I told him, he was able to infer a meaningfulness in terms of what is unfolding from a whole other depth.

So it’s like a light bulb moment at a deeper level of consciousness. Within that light bulb moment, the teacher’s own reflection sets something else in motion. I can then catch up with it to some degree, by getting back exactly the message that my soul and its uniqueness needs at that particular moment. So it works as a reflection upon a reflection upon a reflection.

So your dream is dealing with a whole sequence of these reflections upon reflections. What that means is that you’re coming right up to it  – you’re coming very close to seeing or understanding what has awakened. We can always hope that each set of images, as we move from dream to dream, will lay the story out in more specific detail.

As in this dream, the feminine perspective is more general compared to the masculine, which can be much more detailed. But what you’ve done is bring everything to a culmination point – something has been awakened in you by the bear in the first dream and now, after the topsy-turvy of the Jeep crash, we can see that you’ve embodied it – you (she) walked away from the accident, and spilled baggage, unhurt.

So next we could look for what has been awakened and embodied to finally emerge.

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